Bald Eagle Award Plaque

An instantly eye catching plaque that measures 8 inches by 10 inches, the Bald Eagle Award Plaque features an appealing walnut finish. On the plaque features a hand painted bald eagle, along with a brass plate that is large enough to feature up to 5 lines of text. This plaque is an extremely valuable gifting option.

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A Majestic Plaque Featuring a Majestic Creature!

The bald eagle is a creature that is as majestic as they come, and it is only fair that it feature on a plaque that is synonymous with majesty.

The Bald Eagle Award Plaque makes for a truly remarkable memento with its unique design that serves as the perfect option to honor the recipient.

The plaque features a beautiful walnut finish that immediately catches the eye, and comes with a bald eagle on it that is hand painted painstakingly to capture the unique aesthetic of an actual eagle, along with a brass plate upon which the words you desire can be written for that perfect personal message to go with the plaque.

This plaque makes for a great option that offers up an interesting and instantly memorable take on the traditional plaque template.