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A beautiful 8 inch X 10 inch high-gloss plaque in cherry finish is the setting for a shiny golden Ceremonial Key to the City. Below the key, you have the option to add your logo as well as 6 lines of text on a black plate with golden text to dedicate the plaque to the deserving honoree.

This product takes between 5 and 7 business days before shipping.

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Cherry wood polished wood frame and encasing with glass top featuring two golden hinges and magnetic closure. Interior dimensions of the case are 7.2" W x 10.1" L, and exterior dimensions are 9" W x 11" L x 2" H. Base price only includes case, choice of red or black felt interior, and exterior custom plaque. Options to add our customizable key to the city (SKU# CK0002), a customizable interior full color print plaque and/or a 2" medallion with printed insert.

Custom items take 2-5 business days for production after proof approvals. Proofs are sent 1-2 business days after artwork and order number are received.

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An excellent award that commemorates a commitment to excellence, this is an etched medal measuring 2 inches in size, with the rim measuring 2.25 inches and the attached ribbon measuring 31 inches by 1.5-inch neck ribbon in a choosable color. The ribbon colors available are blue, red, white, green, gold, black, and purple.


A trophy that celebrates corporate achievements, this trophy measures 5.5 inches by 9 inches by 4 inches, and weighs a reassuring 3 pounds. The attached black base gives you a print area good for 5 lines of text, with 1 line being for the header and the rest for the body.


Providing yet another option when it comes to commemorating hard work, this award measures 8 inches tall and features a simulated wood base. This trophy holds a 2 inch insert (medal) and includes a gold plate which can be had with up to 3 lines of engraved text.


A medal to celebrate leadership, this recognition medal measures 2 inches in size, with a 2.25 inch plain rim. A 31 inch by 1.5 inch wide neck ribbon in a color of your choice is included with your purchase. Colors include blue, red, white, green, gold, black, and purple.


Measuring 8 inches by 10 inches, this Key to the City Plaque comes in a walnut finish with a 2 inch insert printed with your logo or seal, along with the option of up to 6 lines of engraved text on a 3 inch by 4 inch black screen plate laid in the plaque. The highlight of the plaque is an installed Golden Key to the City across the top. Key is made of brass with a fine gold color tone.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (before shipping).


A five-pointed star made of stone resin, this is a resplendent award for a starry performance. Measuring 7 inches by 5 and three quarter inches, the award comes with a 2 inch medallion insert recognizing sales achievement and 3 lines of optional engraving (1 header followed by 2 lines of text) in black mylar with contrasting gold engraving. The award is also available in white.


Designed to proudly show off your accomplishments or cherished keepsakes, this display case comes in a soft cherry finish and reversible Velcro to attach your commemorative treasures. The case is available in two sizes: Large, measuring 21 inches by 17 inches by 2 inches; and Medium, measuring 17 inches by 13 inches by 2 inches. The case can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

Allow 2-5 additional days for processing.

The Stars and Stripes Pin Back Ribbon Medal Pin is an accessory worn to display the national flag. It consists of a fabric strip or ribbon in red, white, and blue and comes with a pin to secure the medal. Size is 1" and 1/2" wide, and 1" and 3/8" lengthwise in the center of the flag ribbon drape.

With its impressive baroque design and its 5.5 inch by 12 inch by 5 inch size,this is a must have award to recognize business superstars. The award features space for 6 lines of text (1 header followed by 5 lines of text) and also has the option to have a logo printed at the center front. Gift box for storage included.


The perfect mix of high achievement recognition and ornamental design, this award measures 8.5 inches with a base that comes on a walnut finish. The eagle can be produced in 3 metallic finishes - Brass, Silver or Bronze.


This crystal key makes for a stunning honorary award. It measures 6 inches in length by 2 and a quarter inches by 1 inches. The key can be personalized with 2 lines of engraved text included in price, with the option of adding a logo for an additional fee. The key comes with a gift box to present to the recipient.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (before shipping).

Piano finish cherry plaque holds a heavy die cast metal key. Dimensions are 16" wide by 7" tall. Customization plate holds 3 lines of text and comes with brackets for hanging.

9 x 12 inch piano cherry finish board, includes black and gold engraving plate for personalized text. Option for a 1- 1/4" disc insert on the key.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing prior to shipping.


A valuable token to give to highly honorable individuals, this Key to the City measures 8 inches long and it is made of brass with a golden finish. Optional color printed seal of the city or corporate logo 1" insert on the bow of the key available.

Custom items take 2-3 business days after digital proof is approved.
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This ceremonial key lapel pin features a military clutch style pin back. This pin comes in two color options: Gold or Silver and measures 3/8 x 1 3/8 inches.

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Six inches and a half (6 - ½ inches) by two inches and five-eighths x (2 - 5/8 inches) cast stone key. Customizable with direct print and vinyl decal printing options.

The 1 5/8" Military Medal- Institute of Heraldry Approved medal and ribbon certified under Hallmark C-31 are excellent options to honor the military's valor.

The medal includes the 1-5/8" Joint Service Commendation Military Medal.


Hand casted with a bright 24K gold finish, and standing on a black base measuring an impressive 10 inches tall, this award is motivation enough for potential recipients. For a small fee, a logo can be etched on the award with upto 3 lines of text.


Memorable Awards for Special Ceremonies

Corporate ceremonial awards are presented to individuals that excel at any business endeavor. Often, these people are champions who do more than what is expected and are integral to corporate culture. Those individuals should be rewarded for their feats and sacrifices based on the nature of their accomplishments. helps you celebrate the excellence and hard work of your valued champs. Whether they are brilliant employees who excel in sales or service, or company executives with a true vision of leadership and excellence, any honorable person has an award waiting at For any occasion, we can provide you with trophies, plaques, medals and other popular products that symbolize recognition and gratitude.

Through recognition, people are encouraged to uphold a high level of achievement in business environments while getting others to aspire to reach it as well. Honoring individuals who perform well motivates productivity and quality results for the future. Recognition is the default expectation from any person who accomplishes a great goal, whether it is a specific task or overcoming a major hurdle. Page through our site and find high quality ceremonial awards that convey the right message to any champion in your field. Show your appreciation with corporate trophies, medals or plaques that will make the recipient feel like a winner as spectators plan their next move to be awarded on that same stage in the future. Awards are what drives excellence and inspires competitive people to strive to achieve it.

Types of Awards

Trophy awards are perfect for individuals who truly stand out in large groups. These are proud recipients who like flare and will love having an item that can be exhibited to symbolize their professional achievements. offers a wide assortment of corporate trophy awards for these deserving characters. We have trophies of various sizes and designs for any business event that cover various business themes.

Though they may be presented in the same manner as a trophy, medals are great ceremonial awards for scenarios when there are many employees or leaders to congratulate. Many even prefer medals; they are subtle, yet congratulatory and they are very budget-friendly in comparison. Not to mention, medal receptions are popular in all sects of business. Medals are used to commend surpassed sales goals, professional achievements, and any other example of a job well done. Take a gander at all of our incredible medal awards.

Like trophies and medals, plaques are very common ceremonial awards that show appreciation in corporate settings. One could appreciate sponsors, committee members, and persons of importance for their valuable work and passion. Plaques are the “in-between” for trophies and medals. They have the ability to be seen in a classy and respectful way. They are perfect to hang on a wall or to be placed on a stand and they can serve as a setting to showcase other award products, like medals and ceremonial keys. They bring honor and are key items to help you thank someone for their amazing work.

Awards help in recognizing professionals for services that are commendable. As individuals and as an organization, everyone performs better in an environment where appreciation is shown. believes in this and we are glad to offer businesses a way to thank their valued individuals through ceremonial awards.