Brass Minuteman Award Plaque

The Brass Minuteman Award Plaque is a ceremonial plaque measuring 8 inches by 10 inches. The plaque comes in highly attractive cherry finish that is polished for maximum gloss. The plaque’s unique feature is the extremely detailed 6 inch copper minuteman on it that instantly grabs your attention. The plaque also features a gold and black copper plate upon which you can have your personalized message or logo inscribed per your requirements.

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A Visually Appealing Plaque to Honor Your Recipient!

Minutemen held the legendary reputation throughout history of getting ready at just a minute’s notice for whatever was coming their way.

If you're in the market for the perfect plaque to honor an individual who exhibits similar tendencies when it comes to being ready at a minute’s notice for whatever is thrown their way, the Brass Minutemen Award Plaque is the plaque for you to go with.

The plaque features an incredibly alluring cherry finish that is polished to mimic the high-gloss nature of piano keys, and comes with an intricately detailed minuteman alongside a black and gold plate on which you can have your customised message inscribed.

The plaque's unique visual style make it a memorable gifting choice.