Engraved Military Emblem Award Plaque

The US ARMY Emblem Award Plaque is a plaque measuring 8 inches by 10 inches, and features a smooth walnut finish. The plaque features a 6 inch by 8 inch brass plate with a frosted gold border, featuring a military branch emblem of choice and the option to have your message inscribed upon the plaque. This is a great option for honoring or rewarding military personnel for their service and/or achievements.

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For Honoring Our Heroes!

Military personnel undergo a tremendous personal sacrifice in the name of keeping the country and all its citizens safe.

It is only that their sacrifice be honored, and the US ARMY Emblem Award Plaque makes for an ideal way to do so.

The plaque features a beautiful walnut finish that instantly oozes quality, and comes with an inlaid black colored brass plate featuring the US Army insignia in a lovely golden color, with adequate space provided to have your personalised message inscribed onto the plate in the same color as the insignia.

With its minimalistic and clean yet impactful design, this plaque is an excellent option to reward or honor our heroes for their achievement and thank them for their service.