Minuteman and US Army Medallion Award Plaque

The Minuteman and US Army Medallion Award Plaque is an honorary plaque measuring 9 inches by 12 inches. The plaque comes in an extremely eye catching glossy cherry finish. The plaque’s defining feature is its highly detailed brass minuteman casting along with a 5 inch bright gold wreath and a 4 inch U.S. Army medallion insert. The plaque also comes with a gold and black copper plate upon which you can have your choicest words engraved.

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A Stunning Plaque to Match the Recipient’s Stunning Accomplishments!

The extraordinary sacrifice undertaken by our army men calls for an extraordinary token of appreciation.

If you're looking for one such token to honor our heroes who risk their lives just to ensure we can sleep peacefully, the Minuteman and US Army Medallion Award Plaque is the best possible plaque you can opt for.

The plaque features a highly attractive cherry finish that features a high gloss finish evoking that of a piano’s keys, and comes with a detailed minuteman alongside a gold wreath and a U.S. Army medallion insert. Also featured is a black and gold plate on which you can have your personalised message engraved.