The Scroll Award Plaque measures 9 inches by 12 inches and features a uniquely beautiful piano finish on a rosewood base. Continuing the luxury theme, the plaque features a 3.5 inch by 5 inch marble plate upon which you can have either your desired emblem or the message of your choice inscribed.
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A Luxurious Plaque for Those Special Occasions!

Some occasions call for a plaque above the ordinary, a plaque more luxurious than its peers, the kind that oozes class from the minute you set your sights on it.

The Scroll Award Plaque is exactly that plaque, and the aura of whichever mantle it sits on will be instantly elevated with its high quality and attractive presence.

The plaque differentiates itself in two ways - primarily by offering a rosewood base featuring a high gloss finish similar to the one you can find on the keys of piano over a traditional walnut base, and secondarily by offering a marble plate instead of the usual brass plates to have your desired insignia and personalised message inscribed upon.

These qualities of the plaque make it an immeasurably appealing option for you to go with.