7/8 inch American Eagle Lapel Pin

The 7/8 Inch American Eagle Lapel Pin is a lapel pin measuring 7/8 of an inch and featuring an eagle. The pin can be had in multiple finishes: gold, silver and bronze.
SKU: ML0018
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An American Icon to Wear on Your Lapel!

The eagle is an American icon unlike any other, and it's hardly a surprise it is the iconography most traditionally associated with America as a whole.

So if you love your country and are looking to represent, why not invest in a good little attractive lapel pin?

As far as good little attractive lapel pins go, the 7/8 Inch American Eagle Lapel Pin is a tremendous option that is as impactful as it is subtle.

The added option of being able to pick the lapel pin in one of three finishes - gold, silver, or bronze - is just the cherry on top of the cake. Each of the said finishes comes in a low key tone that is bold without being over the top.

CeremonialSupplies.com houses an extensive selection of countless such similar lapel pins, feel free to browse through and pick the lapel pin that most catches your fancy.