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Made by hand in the US. Flag display with door-less glass front and removable back for flag insertion. Dimensions are 25.7" L x 12.5" H x 3.25" D and holds a folded 5' x 9.5' memorial flag (not included). Triangular shape display weighs 5lbs and includes hardware for wall-mount. Optional: 5" W x 1 1/2" H personalized plate with up to 3 lines of text.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (before shipping) for personalized items.


100% made in US from American sourced materials. Frame is American beech wood with clear finish optimal for ink. Glass front with removable back. Includes wall brackets for hanging. Dimensions are 13.5" L x 6.75" H x 3" D. Holds a 3' x 5' flag (not included). Please note this display is not for a Memorial Flag - which is much largerCustomization available with optional plate for engraving that holds up to 3 lines of text.

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Highest Honor military memorial flag display case 100% hand-crafted in the US from American Walnut wood. Dimensions are 26" L x 13" H x 4 1/2" D and weighs 8 lbs. Built to Federally approved specifications to preserve a memorial 5' x 9.5' flag. Includes option of a 2.5" brass medallion emblem of Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, or the Great Seal, and has a Velcro friendly insert for medals. Engraved plate with custom text is optional. Flag not included.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (before shipping) for this item.

Cherry finish wood display case for military medals. Comes with wall-mounting hardware; Velcro tape and mounting instructions. In (2) two sizes: Large (L) Display area dimensions: 20" W x 16" H and Total Measurement: 20" W x 17" H x 2" D inches and weighs 8 lbs. Medium (M) Display area dimensions: 16" W x 12" H and Total Measurement: 17.75" W x 13.75" H x 2"D inches and weighs 5 lbs. Front cover is glass-like acrylic. Optional engraving available for up to 3 lines of text.

Imported heirloom quality hardwood display case in cherry finish with glass front panel. Dimensions are 25 3/8" L x 12.5" H x 3 1/4" D and fits a 5' x 9 1/2' ceremonial military flag inside. Back panel open with easy turn buttons. Optional engraved plate 5" W x 1 1/2" H that accommodates 3 lines of text.

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Made in the US from solid American hardwood and hand-finished in Vintage Oak with double-edge frame profile. Dimensions are 25.75" L x 12.75" H x 4" D. Clear front with removable back design for a rear loading of a 5' x 9.5' flag (flag not included). For mantel display or wall hanging (comes with brackets).

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Solid hardwood construction with Cherry finish. Dimensions are: 10" L x 3.25" H x 5" D and weighs 2 lbs. Includes laser engraving plate and choice of service medallion. Made in the USA.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (before shipping) for personalized items.


Display case for military flag and decorations. Total outside dimensions are 12 1/2" H x 25 1/4" L x 3 1/2" D (Inside dimensions: 11 3/4" H x 24 1/2" L X 2 1/2" D) Flag compartment measurements: 11" H x 22 1/2" L. Constructed from Beech hardwood. Fits multiple sizes flags: 3' x 5', 4' x 6', 5' x 8', as well as 5' x 9 1/2' (sold separately) with lockable latched back panel and UV protective acrylic front. Black, felt-covered pushpin backboard. Available in oak, walnut, cherry, and black. Optional engraved plate with personalized text available.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (before shipping) for personalized items.


Medal and Pin display case constructed from beech hardwood. Wood frame color options: walnut, oak, cherry, and black. Interior pushpin background is black. Outside dimensions: 11" H x 9" W x 1 3/4" D. Acrylic clear front cover door with lockable latch. Total weight: 4 lbs.


Flag and medal combo display case. Fits flags sizes 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' (flag not included) Frame built from beech hardwood material in wood color choices: walnut, oak, cherry, and black. Clear Acrylic front with a door and lock latch and pushpin black background. Outside dimensions are 19 3/4" H x 22" W x 2 3/4" D and triangle flag compartment is 10" H x 20" W. Note: Not for memorial flag. Weight is 10 lbs.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing (before shipping) for this item.

Jumbo, 31 1/2" H x 23 1/2" W x 2" D, shadowbox display case, with frame material constructed from beech hardwood. Clear, glass-like acrylic front with lockable latch door for front-loading. Wood frame color options in walnut, oak, cherry, and black with interior black pushpin background. Weight is 13 lbs.


Portrait oriented display for military medals. Dimensions are 18" x 14" x 1 3/4" made from beech hardwood material with pushpin background and lockable latch clear front cover. Weight: 7 lbs. Wood color options: walnut, oak, cherry, and black. The interior panel color is black. Front cover is clear acrylic.

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Military display cases are treasured possessions that veterans and their families value and display proudly in a place of honor in their home. A military display case is a tribute to a veteran's career and personal achievements and is an important heirloom in a family's heritage. Military awards within a family have real historical significance and are important documents of American history. They not only become a family legacy, but military display cases also protect a flag, medals and awards while on display on a wall or mantle. Upon entering a home, a shadowbox military display case will immediately be the focal point of attention and people are likely to mention or make a comment about it.

Military display cases are meant for flags, military medals or official memorabilia such as emblem patches and medallions. The protocol for displaying medals in a military display is to place the highest honors to the top left and follow in order of precedence, but arranging medals with more creative license will make the military display more engaging. At we offer a wide variety of military display cases made from 100% crafted American wood in popular finishes like walnut and cherry, as well as imported military displays of the highest quality standards. We carry different styles that are sure to fit your desired configuration for medals, decorations, and other honors. For example, a military display cases can be used to showcase an heirloom flag exclusively in a triangle shape display case that follows the contours of the folded American flag or it can be a square shadowbox display case for decorations and service medals, and both can be placed on a wooden pedestal stand individually, or the triangle display case can be placed over the medals display and hung together on a wall. makes available a number of different shaped military display cases to give you the freedom of assembling and displaying medals, patches, medallions, pins and ribbons at your own creative discretion. In addition you can enhance your military display case by adding dog tags, signed letters of commendation, photographs, certificates and of course, the American flag.

If you're looking for display cases to showcase military decorations and service medals or official memorabilia, has everything you need. All top quality, sturdy, and elegant display cases designed to hold medals, pins, certificates, and commemorative flags in recognition of military or official service. Retiring police officer? Promotion for a Firefighter? Homecoming for a military serviceman/woman? Making a special presentation of earned recognitions and honors, in one of our stylish cases is sure to make a special person feel appreciated for selfless service to the public. has a wide selection of quality flag displays imported, or hand crafted and 100% constructed in the US. Choice of wood and wood finishes from walnut, oak, pine, and cherry and etched glass or clear, transparent acrylic.