Custom-Printed Carpets and Rugs for Loyola University Graduation

Considering the prestige and honor of this year's graduating class of Loyola University and how this historic institution of higher learning could prepare for the momentous occasion, we at, the premier online shop for graduation ceremony carpets and accessories, are excited to share details about this esteemed institution and how we would have planned to enhance the graduation ceremony using custom-printed carpets and rugs for Loyola University graduation! Custom-branded event rugs, and other personalized elements and accessories - all in Loyola's famous maroon and gold colors not only add to the overall decor, but also mark the occasion with distinction and honor.

maroon carpet

Loyola University is a renowned institution founded in 1870 by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in Chicago, Illinois, making it one of the oldest Catholic universities in the United States. Known for its excellence in education and commitment to Jesuit values, Loyola University offers a wide range of disciplines, with one of its strongest fields being healthcare, particularly in nursing and medical education. Let's explore how custom-printed carpets, custom-branded event rugs, and personalized elements would elevate the graduation ceremony at Loyola University in five major ways:

custom branded printed carpet

Grand Entrance:

Custom-printed carpets featuring the Loyola University emblem colors of maroon and gold, and graduation theme would line the pathways leading to the graduation venue, creating a grand entrance for graduates, faculty, and guests. These ceremonial carpets would set a welcoming and celebratory tone for the ceremony, and the custom-printed Loyola logo would add distinction and honor to all. Flanking the pathway with classic stanchions and rope would also provide an added touch of luxury, and also serve as a safety element for the graduating students.

gold color stanchions and red velvet rope

Branded Stage Area:

The stage area would be adorned with custom-branded event rugs displaying the Loyola University logo and the class of 2024 insignia, and a step-and-repeat banner in the background with the printed maroon and gold logos of the New Orleans famed university, in-house programs, clubs, and sponsors. The event rugs will serve as a focal point during the ceremony, showcasing Loyola's pride and honoring the achievements of the graduating class. Much like an awards ceremony staging, a giant step-and-repeat banner with Loyola's logo, creates the perfect spot to be featured in graduation photos and videos.

gold color ribbon

Personalized Seating:

Graduates would have personalized seating arrangements marked with custom-printed carpets bearing their names and degree titles. Each section would not only honor the graduating student, it would show the university's commitment to each one of their graduates. This personalized touch adds a sense of identity and recognition, making the graduation experience more meaningful for each graduate.

maroon color giant bow

Photo Opportunities:

Custom-branded event rugs would be strategically placed in areas designated for photo opportunities, such as the official graduation photos and family snapshots. These rugs will provide visually appealing foreground, highlighting the university's logo or emblem, and capturing the essence of New Orlean's Loyola University historic milestone. A step-and-repeat backdrop banner, and classic style stanchions and rope matching the carpet color, provide a befitting glamour to the graduation proceedings.

assorted color balloon 11"

VIP Areas:

VIP areas, including the faculty seating section and special guest lounges, would feature custom-printed carpets and event rugs tailored to reflect Loyola's rich heritage as a major New Orleans university, and the significance of its graduation class. These personalized elements will enhance the VIP experience and add an extra layer of prestige to the event, especially if local dignitaries and press will be in attendance. This is a perfect way to inspire a positive follow-up after the ceremony.

brass stanchions in three different styles

In addition to custom-printed carpets and custom-branded event rugs, other accessories and personalized elements such as commemorative plaques, custom-designed banners, and engraved souveniers and mementos would be incorporated into the graduation ceremony. These elements serve to honor Loyola University's legacy, New Orleans rich heritage, and celebrate the achievements of the graduating class, creating a memorable and meaningful experience for all attendees.

red velvet stanchion rope 6'

The graduation ceremony for New Orleans Loyola University graduating class would be a testament to the institution's commitment to academic excellence and values, with custom-printed carpets, custom-branded event rugs, and personalized elements playing a pivotal role in enhancing the celebration and creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

red aisle runner with stanchions and rope

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