Grand Opening Scissors Display Cases Are a Classic Staple of Louisiana Elegance

The beautiful State of Louisiana has a timeless grace that makes all its ceremonies feel regal and important, and we at enjoy working with event planners and event organizers from all over the State of Louisiana, especially for grand opening ceremonies! From customized ceremonial ribbons, stanchions and crowd posts, to giant ribbon-cutting scissors, and details: grand opening scissors display cases are a classic staple of Louisiana elegance for ceremonial celebrations.

In a grand opening ceremony, the ribbon-cutting scissors are the stars of the show! Especially if you want to make a big, bold statement with giant scissors that stand over 2’ tall. Ceremonial ribbons do not have to be plain! Think of New Orleans jazz and make a loud, proud and bold statement with customized ribbons for grand opening ceremonies, after all, who can possibly forget words that immortalize the moment and, more importantly, its vibe! So bring on the sway with a grand opening ribbon from, the best one-stop shop online for ceremonial items. We at are proud to go the extra step for our customers, and though customized ceremonial ribbon might have been our lead service for our customers from all parts of the states, and the world, today we are happy to introduce the grand opening scissors display case, a step beyond the traditional stand. This elegant case to display grand-opening scissors, will hold the keepsake safely, protect it, and display it grandly in any office, lobby, conference room, or any other location where you want the vibe to be. Right along with ceremonial ribbons, the grand opening scissors are the other half of the perfect duo. Many have been the sad times we have witnessed a gloriously sparkling 10” ruby-red ribbon with white and silver logo been savagely cut through with the nearest paper scissor found within the grounds! This grand opening ceremony disaster can cause an event planner to develop a severe case of “the jitters” when facing future grand opening ceremonies. Louisiana, and in particular its mysterious and alluring city of New Orleans, celebrate tradition in all its forms, and attention to detail is key to an unforgettable event. This means that when you are choosing your ceremonial ribbon; remember the other flashy star of the show – the ceremonial scissors!

New Orleans is a mysterious city in any season of the year. From the humid, cooking, sweltering, possibly sultry, summers through rain and hurricane season, to the slightly cooler temperatures of a sometimes snowy, winter, the colors of purple, green, gold, black, and red are associated with New Orleans and can be found in our palette of ceremonial ribbons, and ceremonial scissor handles. Play up your Louisiana company logo and colors! Customized ceremonial ribbon with your company’s name, logo, and commemorative message printed repeatedly throughout your 10, 12, 15, 20, or 25 yards ribbon length. It is always a good idea to order a little extra than what you need, for example, if your entrance is 10’ wide it will take six (3) yards and a little more for loose, but taut position for the ribbon. Consider the full 10 yards ribbon spool, with your personalized ribbon the message is repeated throughout the length of the full ceremonial ribbon. The extra yards from the spool can be used to create a sash for a presenter of the event, or in other creative ways. The rule of thumb is that it is always best to give yourself a good chunk of extra room because you will definitely find decorative ways to use material, any material, if given the chance. The guests will gather within the immediate area, and the idea is to bring the party inside, it is important to wow your crowd while they arrive and begin to gather. This is the time to show off the giant, color coordinated handle, 30” ribbon cutting scissors!

Once you have your ceremonial ribbon and the ribbon cutting scissors, your grand opening ceremony is on its way to reality. A gorgeous, color handle scissors over two (2) feet tall is a show off piece that deserves exhibition, and you can do this with a stainless steel stand that will hold your beautiful grand opening scissors. This way you have a place to hold the scissors while they are not in use, and you can create a photo area surrounding the scissors’ stand. Louisiana elegance in a grand opening event will surely have a special place for the ceremonial scissors, and the extra touch to consider a permanent display for this important heirloom of the company, will be an easy decision. The scissor display case specifically protects, preserves, and displays the ceremonial scissors after the grand opening event. The stainless steel stand holds the grand opening scissors in place and in plain view of the guests. The scissor stand also serves as an excellent photo opportunity for those in attendance. This is a great chance to make your company colors, logos, or messages stand out. After the cutting of the ribbon ceremony, during which tons upon tons of photos should be taken, btw, the giant scissors can again take their viewing place on the scissor stand. As a great end to a successful grand opening achievement, the ceremonial scissors are placed in their own wooden display case that measures 28” wide x 16” high x 4” depth. Making the interior measurements where the giant, 25” scissor or, the 30” scissor will be placed, 27” wide x 15” high x 3.25” depth. This display case includes hardware and materials for placing and holding scissors. The hooks are placed at an angle to accommodate up to a 30” ribbon-cutting scissor. Plenty of room to display either a 25” or a 30” giant heirloom scissors! The ceremonial wooden display case comes with a glass-like acrylic door with gold color hinges and metal brackets for hanging on a wall. There are two, wood color options that include Cherry Wood, and Walnut. The framed giant scissors make for a sophisticated display in a New Orleans style décor of any business company or firm. Fitting right in with the early French influence, particularly in New Orleans, the display wooden case will certainly be an object of interest and curiosity. Add a special lapel pin to attach a memento of the ribbon used in the ceremony, or photos of the event. The ceremonial wooden display case adds the romance and whimsical inspiration that becomes the perfect muse! Welcome your Louisiana company’s grand opening with all the right details! Shop for the best quality products and wallet-friendly prices. We ship everyone in the US and parts of the world. Contact us here for a shipping quote.