Four Creative and Easy Ways to use Ribbon Art Decorations

The access to fabrics and materials, and easier ways to cut them, has ushered the renaissance of the ribbon as a versatile tool in artistic expression. At we’re all about ribbons, and bows, and groundbreaking shovels, grand opening scissors and everything you need for a corporate or ceremonial event. We know you love to work with ribbons too, and we thought we’d share four creative and easy ways to use ribbon art decorations whether you’re decorating professionally as an event planner or event organizer, or decorating for a birthday party or wedding shower!

1. Creating a Ceiling Canopy with Ribbons

The effect of a ceiling ribbon canopy can be so spectacular as to create an unforgettable visual enchantment. Used selectively, rich jeweled colors of sapphire blue, gold, emerald green, silky gleaming white, and ruby red ceremonial ribbons, create a color foundation base for a circus themed canopy, for example. A selection of pastels lavender, pink, light blue and white ceremonial ribbons create a delicate and soft base for a sweet decoration, reminiscent of marshmallow cream and cotton candy indulgement! A ribbon canopy can be generated from a central point outward using a ring hardware, or over beams.

Ceiling Canopy hardware hoops can be of different sizes and circumference. The larger the room, the larger the ceiling canopy hoop must be for the proper effect. The hoop has several links attached to it that correspond to the number of panels of fabric or extra-wide ribbon. The links are long chains that come gathered together at the top, and are attached to the ceiling. Weight capacity varies. It’s important to know the maximum weight the hoop can resist; even thin tulle can topple an arrangement if the weight is too much. The ribbon panels are attached to the hoop at the center of the room and hung outward to the corners and the sides of the wall, where they are attached and shaped down. When using beams, the decoration ribbon is crossed over the center beams, allowing it to curb downward, and then over and drop just enough to be right over everyone’s heads. Use the ceremonial ribbons that represent your base, or foundation colors, and the best width and length sizes for these. For example, think of a Venetian Carnival masquerade ball – colorful and busy.

Choose purple, gold, red, and ceremonial ribbons as your foundation color ribbons, in different sizes between 2” inches, 4” inches, and 6” inch width ribbons. Hang the ribbons across the main central beam of the venue. Portable tents usually have a center beam easy to spot! If the venue doesn’t have beams, and you must use the venue, and the theme, then you must build it and improvise. It’s the nature of the business and all great professional planners know the magic of improvisation. Once all the ribbons are placed intermittently upon the beam, ensure they are more or less, the length you want on each side (equal or varied lengths) of the beam, and the same spacing between each ceremonial ribbon. After, safely attach each ribbon where it lays on the center of the beam, float them bubbling down and over the side beams, if there are any, or attach them with thumbtacks to the ceiling, letting the rest of the ribbon drop down from where it has been attached. To complete the carnival effect, hang colorful pennant banners, or a string of round colorful pom poms spaced between ribbons, intermittently. Hang sequined masks that sparkle, gilded frame faux mirrors, and other gleaming objects of gold for best pop out effect. Side buffets or table decorations? Whatever you decide for the best movement and accommodation of the costumed Venetian Carnival ballers.

A white tablecloth base is perfect for all themes since the whiteness will be cancelled by the brilliance of the colors upon it. Sticking to our Carnival of Venice décor, 10” or 12” ribbon runners will be placed in a crisscross upon any shaped table. One table can be dressed in purple ribbon runners, another in the gold, another red – all are extra-wide ribbons of 10” inches or 12” inches width. Customized ribbons are of course, madly luxurious, and a special message printed for each ribbon table runner, or the same message for all the table runners, is an opportunity like no other to impress an idea. has the selection of ceremonial ribbons you need, and the sizes you want with a varied range from 2.25” ribbons to 4”, 6”, 8”, and extra-wide ribbons of 10” and 12” inches in width, by different yardage lengths customized to your specific needs. Gold font on any of the jeweled colors will pick up on the gilded items of the décor and bring the richness to the tables. Silver on gold, or jeweled color ribbon font are some of the options for the gold or silver table runner ribbon. The place setting, cups, gifts, adornments, and centerpieces all should play up the table runner color, with details in the colors gold or silver. This is where individual creativity comes in for your desired effect!

2. Ceiling Draping with Extra-wide Ribbon Panels

Ribbon art decorations like ceiling draping with extra-wide ribbon panels and ribbon canopies can be hung from a hoop in the center of the room, or from beams – as described in our earlier example of a Venetian Carnival masquerade ball. Everything depends on the size of the venue and how much “volume” you wish to dedicate to the drapery. Extra-wide ribbon panels of 10” or 12” (1 foot) in width can be used for ceiling draping by themselves, or with other fabric material. Creating a pastel colored baby shower event, for example, using a hoop for hanging the ribbon panels for draping the ceiling using see-through gauzy white, beige, material some, which can be gathered for a voluminous effect, mixed with the silky ceremonial ribbons. Again, imagination and creativity opens more possibilities so let your imagination run wild and shop, the best online one-stop shop for ribbon art supplies in ceremonial and grand opening ribbons, ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors, groundbreaking shovels and display cases, military medal display cases, corporate functions including wearables, awards and trophies, and all ceremonial items you may need, under one roof. Our prices are wallet friendly, our customer service is outstanding, and our prompt and efficient shipping is unequaled.

Once the ribbons and the material has been attached to the round hoop, the panels of ribbon and/or material is bubbled down and outward to the sides of the room, attached, and allowed to flow down. When the ribbon panels are used with light, mesh-y or gauzy material, the impression as they flow down on the sides of the room, is one of foam, or clouds effect. Perfect background from which to feature a beautiful stork! The ribbon table runners or buffet runners and piping should accent the boldest of the pastels, like the lavender and the pink. As with the Carnival of Venice, play up the contrasting details.

3. Customized Table Runner Ribbon

Extra-wide ceremonial ribbon 10” or 12” wide is perfect for table runner decorations either over, a neutral color, or with a contrasting color, or they can be placed directly on the table. The contrast of wood and a silky firm material like ribbon is a tasteful mix, especially when the table runner is customized with a commemorative date, a logo, or some other special message appropriate to the occasion. Arrange artistically bold ribbon colors of different sizes! Create keepsakes with customized 2.25” wide ribbon in delicate, soft hues and attach to floating balloons. Create vibrant place settings that inspire unity for moments like a small family gathering or a big fancy wedding, equally. Ribbon settings are convenient and easy to manage for set up and removal. An accompaniment to ceiling drape colors or a contrast, the table ribbon runner adds to the appealing impression of the décor. Contrasting details over the table ribbon runner should always play up the less obvious colors that unify all the pieces. Check out selection of extra-wide ribbons for table runners and use these versatile decorative items to make your event stand out from the rest!

4. Stage or Dance floor Balloon and Ribbon Confetti

The balloon and ribbon confetti decoration for a stage or dance floor is a super fun way to decorate with ceremonial ribbon and it’s easy to do. Thin ribbon is the best for tying balloons; however, customized thin ribbon is almost impossible to read and to make an impressive effect over a dance floor or a stage, thin ribbons are not going to cut it. This is why the best recommendation is to use 2” or 2.25” ribbons that, whether customized with text or not, will still be wide enough to be more of a part of the decorations and will look superb in photos! The 2.25” ribbon can be printed with a commemorative date, message, or some other marking of your choice and attached to floating balloons on top of the center stage or the dance floor. To create ribbon art confetti, the color ribbons should be of all colors, red, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, pink, white, black, teal, gold, silver … every color you can have for each balloon you can fit, and maybe even layer over! A balloon and confetti ribbon art is an easy way to transform any room without too much fuss, and with table decorations to match, a balloon and ribbon confetti decoration can be all you need!

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