God Bless America Lapel Pin

The God Bless America Lapel Pin is a lapel pin measuring 7/8 of an inch. The pin bears the American flag and the Statue of Liberty with the words 'God Bless America' printed on a banner emblazoned underneath the Statue of Liberty. The pin features an attractive gold finish.
SKU: ML0026
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The Perfect Lapel Pin to Showcase Your Patriotism!

Do you love your country? Do you want to proudly display the same? Well, one of the most perfect ways to do it is by wearing a classy little lapel pin that spells it out for everyone to see.

The God Bless America Lapel Pin is the perfect example of such a lapel pin and quite a classy one at that too.

The pin features a tried and tested gold finish that is most certainly going to make a striking first impression, that when combined with the flag and Statue of Liberty motif it has is sure to leave a lasting impression in the minds of those who see it.

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