Grand Opening Ribbons For Time Capsule Ceremonies

Ceremonial Supplies has Grand opening ribbons for time capsule ceremonies. Available in widths from 1 ½ inches to 12 inches wide, grand opening ribbons are useful for time capsule ceremonies for many reasons, and would like to share some with you.

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The phrase “time capsule” was first coined in the 1930’s in the preparation of the first time capsule recorded in history, using that terminology. The Electric and Manufacturing company exhibit took place between 1939-1940 New York’s world Fair and gathered 35 specific items of memorabilia to bury under a copper and chromium 800-pound tube that is still buried to this day. This time capsule is due to be unburied in the year 6939, five thousand years from the time it was first buried! Some of the things they buried in this time capsule were seeds of wheat and corn, a LIFE magazine, cigarettes and a Sears catalog to name a few. The time capsule is located in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, New York.

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Opening a time capsule is a big ceremony and as such, grand opening ribbons can create the perfect setting by highlighting specific themes with color ribbons of different sizes. High Schools for example, put their most valued possessions in time capsule boxes and celebrate opening the time capsules with grand opening ribbon from School colors and school themes are highlighted with ceremonial ribbon of different lengths and widths, ideal to decorate a time capsule opening ceremony. Time Capsule ceremonies are fun to celebrate the past because people can see all the items they stashed away and reminisce about old times. Everyone can come together and look at old photos, newspapers, fashion trends, cards or old magazines and see how much society has changed all around them. People typically put these items in their time capsule and sometimes they get very personal and put letters from loved ones, family heirlooms and their own favorite trinkets growing up. Attics and basements have been known to hold and keep valuable family items later discovered by a generation 100 years apart – officially a time capsule event!

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Grand opening ribbon have traditionally come in the colors of red and yellow but can come in an array of other colors, including our unique shade of teal grand opening ribbon. Get it in 12, 25, or 50 Yard length with options of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 inch width. You can also customize specific words and phrases on the grand opening ribbon such as “Congratulations” or “Welcome Home!” as found in Ceremonial Supplies large selection of ceremonial ribbons.

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Grand opening ribbon can be used for many special events along with time capsule ceremonies. Welcome Home ceremonies, special parties, grand-openings and receptions are also valid events that utilize grand opening ribbon from Using the correct ribbon color can really make the ribbon stand-out and become a successful part of the ceremony taking place. Grand opening ribbon is a great way to notify your neighborhood or community that you are open for business and ready to celebrate being open. The grand opening ribbon can also act as a symbol of growth or rebirth. Grand opening ribbon can also signify importance in society and can be viewed highly in the media and gain publicity depending on what is being celebrated. Very famous movies have featured grand open ribbon cutting ceremonies because they are such an important part of our society. Starting with Star Wars, today we see Galaxy Quest, The Emperor’s New Groove, Jaws 2 and Cinema Paradiso are some of the movies that have featured grand opening ribbon cutting ceremonies.

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Grand opening ribbon has played an important role in our society and in our history as people in special events to celebrate success, open new businesses, and relive the past. Grand opening ribbon is a way to bring people to gather to symbolize new beginnings, growth and provide a way to also remember the past and celebrate things that are important. is a great place to locate grand opening ribbon for any occasion and come in a variety of sizes and colors that are customizable and can add a lot of pizazz to a special occasion of the individual’s choosing. Grand opening ribbon can bring extra attention to events like time capsule ceremonies by encouraging attention in the public eye and can bring the media out to encourage positive media attention. Grand opening ribbon are essential and necessary when celebrating special events in our community that wouldn’t be the same without them. Click here for a shipping quote.