Halloween Draped In Wide Grand Opening Ribbons!

The versatile ribbon is the key behind beautiful holiday arrangements, and this year Halloween draped in wide grand opening ribbons of orange, black, and purple will bring the spooky holiday to screeching excitement! We seldom think of ceremonial ribbons or grand opening ribbons for decorations, but we should! These firm and silky ribbons come in a variety of widths that makes them accessible to create everything from an elegant table runner, to sophisticated ceiling draping. The ceremonial ribbons offered by ceremonialsupplies.com will help transform an ordinary room into a decorative experience. Everyone loves Halloween, and the chance to decorate your home or office for a Halloween party is an exciting proposition, so here are some tips from the ribbon experts of the internet – CeremonialSupplies.com on colors, themes, and much more!

Salem, Massachusetts – The Original Halloween Horror Nights!

What a long, horror night that was! From February 1692 to May 1693, people such as Mary Walcott and over two hundred others were accused and tried for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. Many were hung (mostly women), and others died in jail. In the 17th Century, Witchcraft was against the law and considered a capital crime (punishable with death by hanging). The Salem, Massachusetts witch trials were held first by a court of “Oyer and Terminer” (“Hear and Determine”) appointed by the Governor and by a Superior Court of Judicature in 1693. All the trials and hangings happened in Salem Town. This dark tale of history evokes a dark time, best suited with dark, wide ribbons of black, fiery orange, and purple. Ceiling ribbon draping of black 6” wide ribbon with string accents of faux feathers, plastic bones, and other accents associated with boiling cauldrons of funky stuff will create a dark and spooky atmosphere reminiscent of the candle-lit witchcraft trials of Colonial times. Today politicians the world over breathe a sigh of relief at the practice of Satanism and Witchcraft which is now considered elitist, and fashionably chic!

Massacre in Texas – Leatherface Style!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of Halloween’s most enduring cult classic films. It is now said to have been inspired by the true events of serial killer Elmer Wayne Henley in San Antonio, Texas, and the demented behavior of Ed Gein, who lived in an isolated farm in Wisconsin, but the film in fact, did allude to real missing persons traveling across the huge state of Texas. In particular, Leatherface’s penchant for wearing women’s clothing was a trait of Ed Gein, who had displayed a history of wearing women’s clothes and exhuming and mutilating corpses from local graveyards. Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s now legendary director Tobe Hooper filmed this Halloween classic with a small budget and the film has more than recuperated its initial investment many times over after 5 successful franchises and a remake of the original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Most of the action takes place inside a make shift tool shed and a barn. Wide ceremonial ribbons of greys and browns in either 6” or 8” widths are perfect to drape the ceiling or walls of your very own simulated Texas Chainsaw Massacre set. Decorating tables and serving stations with “deadness” like twigs and dried, dead flowers, and accessories like meat hooks, mutilated limbs, and of course – let’s not forget those power tools!

The Real Life Horror House of Amityville Long Island NY

Just 14 days after Halloween in 1974, a 23-year old man who was known to use hallucinogens such as LSD, and was under special narcotics probation, murdered his parents and his four younger siblings and claimed “self-defense” against “the voices” of his family, whom he said were plotting to kill him. This insanity plea would become as infamous as the house in Long Island, NY where the murders took place. The house in Amityville Village in Long Island, NY, has sold six times since the 1974 murders and although one of the earlier proprietors lived only a short 28-day stay, the others have lived in the house for years at a time without reporting evil voices. Movies and books have made the now legendary “eyes” windows, of the Dutch-style Amityville home, synonymous with hauntings. If you are a brave, spook seeker who stops at very few things to give your guests the fright they all deserve for Halloween, a simulated Amityville home setting will raise everyone’s hairs – especially the 70’s home décor. This is one Halloween setting where Red ribbons will be your friends. Shredded 2” red ribbon hung at the door frames, 10” red ribbon table runners, ceiling draping ribbons of 4” and 6” blood red color ribbon will all add that touch to suggest a bloody carnage.

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