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Mini Black Stationery Holder

Mini stationery Holder is made from alloy metal wire with a matte black finish. It is sold in packages of 6 and it’s measurements are: 4 3/4'' x 1 1/4'' x 2 1/8'' Tall. The space for stationery placement is approximately 1/4 of an inch.

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Make the Most Use of Your Space

When planning a celebration, it’s easy to go overboard with decorations. That’s why it’s important to use items that are both functional as well as decorative. With this method, you minimize the risk of clutter, as well as helping the space to appear more delicately planned.

This mini stationery holder is an item that does just that. Use in pair with our regular sized black stationery holder for a duo arrangement showcasing photographs and captions, wedding artworks and quotes, or even table numbers and names.