Impressive Wedding Tableware

As far as joyous occasions go, weddings have the unique privilege of being an unabashed aesthetic showcase. Countless hours go into planning and acquiring the right wedding décor to leave a lasting impression on the guests. One category of wedding products that, when done right, leaves the guests truly impressed is wedding tableware.

Wedding tableware essentially comprises of items that are placed (or might be required) at either the tables reserved for the guests and the table that the bride and the groom will be occupying during the reception.
The selection of quality wedding tableware shows your commitment to attention to detail, ensuring all attendees have the best possible experience at the reception from start to finish; such traits rarely every go unnoticed.

What Does Wedding Tableware Comprise of?

In theory, wedding tableware isn’t too different from the kind of tableware that might be used at other formal occasions. The most crucial differentiator is how there’s a greater focus on aesthetics; almost all subcategories of wedding tableware feature ornate designs and an immaculate construction consistent with the theme.
Take table cloths and table runners, for example. Both these items serve their primary purpose of dressing up the tables with elegance while providing protection to the surface, even hiding any blemishes on it. The pleasant design, coordinated to the wedding décor, ensures the tables are in line with the aesthetic envisioned for the ceremony.

The same applies for items that are to rest on top of the table cloths and table runners, namely the plates, cutlery, and drinkware.
When it comes to cutlery, what is typically used at a wedding is primarily focused on design. From the cake knifes to the spoons, all wedding cutlery comes in attractive metallic finishes like silver and gold, with painstakingly finished handles that exude the finesse required and appreciated at a wedding.
Even plates, which largely feature a minimalist design, still find a way to blend right in with the more elborate tableware.
Drinkware trends to be more dramatic in its execution. The glasses can be made out of intricately designed crystal, or featue metal electroplating in a shade that compliments the cutlery.

Another indispensable category of wedding tableware is the placeholders.
Placeholders comprise of two items, a holder to go on the table, and accompanying card. As with other wedding décor, a very heavy emphasis is put on the designs of the placeholders so that while they perform their allotted task of enunciating who goes where, they look like they belong on the table. The same applies for the place cards, which should ideally be made of quality card stock that allows them to remain firm, while featuring lettering that is in line with the established visual style.

Shopping for the Right Tableware

Planning for every aspect of a wedding can be phisically and emotionally exahusting. At, we aspire to help you out every step of the way.
Just as with wedding keepsakes, ornaments and other wedding accessories, our collection of wedding tableware is carefully selected to only provide you with fail-proofproducts. We look forward to helping you find the most exquisite wedding tableware. Contact us by phone at 1877-373-4273 or e-mail