Texas Big on Groundbreaking Shovels Ceremonial Items

Everything in Texas is big in every way, and we find the Lone Star State rebounding briskly from the Covid 19 pandemic to celebrate groundbreaking ceremonies with bells and whistles! The State of Texas is big on groundbreaking shovels and ceremonial items that take these traditional architectural rituals to a new level using CeremonialSupplies.com. Everything from engraved groundbreaking shovels, hard hats, and corporate wear (including face masks!) to keepsakes and souvenirs especially created for these occasions, banners and signs, and other ceremonial items such as groundbreaking shovel stands, plaques and much more can be found at CeremonialSupplies.com, the best one-stop online shop on the web for groundbreaking supplies.

While the country went through the forced downturn of the economy the Austin and Houston areas barely skipped a beat through the Covid-induced mandates, and the construction industry continued to boom. In Dallas-Ft. Worth, industrial building is moving at record speed and the North Texas warehouse construction is still growing as leasing surges. Building material retailers in Texas are riding a construction wave as the jobs boom experienced in the last four years has actually jumped higher! Even while maintaining “social distance” architectural ceremonies such as groundbreakings, first sod cuttings, and the ritualistic laying of first corner stones in building projects soared, and CeremonialSupplies.com continues to serve the growing needs of Texas booming cities. Providing top of the line ceremonial shovels for groundbreaking ceremonies is not the only service that has skyrocketed for CeremonialSupplies.com. Our hard-earned reputation for budget friendly prices, exceptional customer service, and fast and dependable timely shipping have everything to do with our presence in the region. We know how important a groundbreaking or a grand opening is in the life of a company and we take pride in guiding our customers, many who are organizing a first sod cutting ceremony or a grand opening for the first time, with ideas that help them create an exceptional event and ultimately save money. Here are a few basics for conducting a groundbreaking event in the great State of Texas:

Early Planning

Heard the phrase “planning is everything?” We will let you in on a secret: it is! We have all managed to pull through at the 11th hour at one point or another, facts are that putting things off end up costing more money and sometimes not getting what we want. The first stage of planning a groundbreaking ceremony or a grand opening is to start with a program that indicates what will be taking place, where, and when. Who will be making speeches? How many people will be holding a groundbreaking shovel? Who will cut a grand opening ribbon? When the program is clear on the screen (or on paper), the materials and supplies needed for each part of the program are much easier to determine. Next is a list of guest, attendants, VIPs and, of course, the media. Exposure means profit. It isn’t for the fun of spending that companies pay millions of dollars to advertise their services or products on TV during say, the Super Bowl. Investment in exposure pays off so reach out to The Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express-News, Houston Chronicle, El Paso Times, Dallas Express, The Austin Chronicle, Houston Press, Fort Worth Weekly, Houston Post, Dallas Observer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram or any other local Texas paper. Remember the media follows celebrities and VIPs. Be sure to include those in your guest list for media coverage assurance. This means inviting the Mayor, your Congress representative, Senator, Chief of Police, and local celebrities!

Ordering Groundbreaking Ceremonial Supplies

This is the most important step of your planning process and important to do it as early as possible. Late decisions mean late shipping and that means more cost to you, or having to cut out other things to stay within budget. For a first sod-cutting ceremony, your essential supplies will be the groundbreaking shovels. CeremonialSupplies.com has a win-win assortment of ceremonial shovels that range from the traditional, long stem to the ceremonial D-handle shovels of various color heads or polished steel. All CeremonialSupplies.com shovels have stainless steel blades with different polishing methods, of which the most labor intensive are the mirror-polished chrome steel shovel and the mirror-polished golden steel. Our complete assortment of ceremonial groundbreaking shovels, including our color blades and the miniature groundbreaking kids shovels can be customized with a company logo, and are of the highest standards so there is no need to sacrifice quality for pricing. We know this is ceremony; you will be receiving a truly finely crafted quality product that will reflect your company’s image.

printed shovel head and stem

In a groundbreaking ceremony, the ceremonial shovels are the stars of the event and as such, should command a focal point. A perfect way to hold and display the groundbreaking shovel or shovels, depending on the number of people who will be doing the actual first sod cutting and breaking of ground, is by placing them on their own shovel stand. This enables you to create a photo area by dressing up the groundbreaking shovel with the hard hat to be used by the person wielding the shovel, and a big bow in a color that matches your logo, for example. This is a simple, basic setup. For a more elaborate photo or greeting area using the ceremonial shovels on their stands you can include a backdrop step and repeat and a carpet runner. For a large event, the use of roll-up banners and other decorations such as balloons, flowers, or wide ribbon runners will further bring together the entire décor. With CeremonialSupplies.com, you also have the option to create a beautiful ceremonial area with generic supplies or customized with personalized engraving. This is something to consider when working with a frugal budget. Browse CeremonialSupplies.com website for a complete description of all the ceremonial supplies for groundbreakings and let your imagination be your guide!

Make Your Personnel Visible during the Groundbreaking Ceremony

This is especially important now with the lingering effects of Covid-19 regulations and mandates. Whether to greet the guests and hand out souvenirs, offer refreshments and hors d’oeuvres, or putting the ceremonial shovel to the dirt, there’s an air of organization, togetherness, and teamwork when the personnel involved in the groundbreaking ceremony is dressed in recognizable uniform or colors. Our corporate wearables range from comfortable tees, to the classic Polo shirts or long-sleeve classic Oxfords with embroidered logo options. Customized safety vests, combined with your choice of tops will be an elegant eye-catching part of your entire décor – yes, people are walking billboards! Use every opportunity to create awareness. It’s the real reason why groundbreaking ceremonies are conducted these days. You want to shout out to the world that your company is building in the neighborhood!

Acknowledge and Thank those who Participate

Goodwill goes a long way – sometimes all the way to Congress! Everyone likes to be recognized. This is something we learned in Kindergarten when we received stickers for our good work. As adults, something as simple as a plaque, or a desk trophy boosts our confidence and the recognition of our hard work empowers us to strive for higher goals. If you’ve done your work correctly your event Program should list, in order, what will happen from the start of the ceremony to the finish, and this includes welcome and greeting, introductions, and speeches. The owner or owners of the company, President, CEO, Managing Director, General Manager or similar high ranking positions will be the ones holding a ceremonial shovel and breaking ground. Whether you have 2 people or 20, they each should get to keep the ceremonial shovel they use. A customized shovel on its own stand with any other adornments is a valuable keepsake for the recipient. This means that not only would you have used the ceremonial shovel display as part of the décor, its promotional life will continue in someone’s office or conference room. Another way of protecting and displaying the ceremonial shovel is with a shadow case display that can hold the actual groundbreaking shovel or a miniature version of it and includes a commemorative plaque and other customization options. Contractors, architects, and builders will most likely have a representative in attendance, as will the city or county government. CeremonialSupplies.com has a selection of plaques that are perfect to thank and acknowledge these individuals for their contribution. These include key to the city plaques and groundbreaking shovel plaques. In addition, you can also choose to honor speakers, presenters, and VIPs with any of our stunning desk trophies. Browse through our wide selection of plaques, trophies, and medals for the item that is most appropriate to your event.

shovel display case

Cultivate your Contacts

The importance of a well maintained guest and media list doesn’t end at the event. It becomes your final instrument of goodwill as you follow-up with photographs and videos taken during the groundbreaking ceremony and email to your guests. You can also mail these physically instead of electronically, but as a rule of thumb people prefer to keep these things digitally on their computer for the sharing capabilities among other reasons. And that’s what you want! Share! Share! Share! Let the world know of your groundbreaking ceremony. You should of course follow up with the media also by doing the same, especially if the media contact was enjoying himself or herself too much to think of photos and videos! They will certainly appreciate the professional (and proper) gesture. By following up with your guests and media contacts you will be establishing a familiarity that will serve you well for any other event in the future.

There you have it! A Big Texas groundbreaking calls for big plans and a big ceremony and although this part is up to you, put the ordering of all your supplies in our care and sit back to enjoy the praise and accolades – CeremonialSupplies.com is happy when we help you look good – and we don’t even expect a percentage of your raise! Shop CeremonialSupplies.com for all your groundbreaking supplies and enjoy our friendly prices, our knowledgeable and attentive customer service, and our prompt and efficient shipping to Dallas, Houston, Austin, El Paso, and anywhere you are in Texas (or anywhere else in the country). Call or email us for shipping rates.