Top Ceremonial Ribbons Occasions in Texas

When it comes to the great state of Texas, there are many things that immediately come to mind. Great cities like Dallas, Houston along with their rich history are well known across the world, so it would come to no surprise that they know their way around a celebration, and knows ceremonial ribbons! Here's a look at the top ceremonial ribbons occasions in Texas.

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For example, when the Houston Astros won the World Series in 2017, the streets of Houston were littered with ceremonial ribbons in support of Houston’s World Series win. While cities like Dallas and Houston are known for their sports teams, there are plenty of major holidays that are worthy of ceremonial ribbons throughout the year, and this is where our wide assortment of ribbons of every width, from 1” to 12” come in handy. If you want to customize your ceremonial ribbon with a logo or a message – we definitely do that too!

Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos, or known in English as the Day of the Dead, is a 2-day celebration where the living celebrate their lost family and friends. The Day of the Dead is widely popular across Mexico so naturally the festivities have made their way over the border to the great state of Texas! The most popular of the festivities can be found in the city of San Antonio, but the celebration can be felt 200 miles to the east over in Houston as well!

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Starting on November 1st, the streets of Houston are filled with ceremonial ribbons honoring the day of the dead, coupled with festivals, vendors, and ribbon cutting ceremonies. The Day of The Dead Houston festival garners thousands from all over the state of Texas and is one of the grandest opening ribbon events of the year in Texas!

Fourth of July

The 4th of July, also known as Independence Day, is one of the most celebrated holidays across the United States. Of course, there are few states that celebrate the 4th of July as much as Texas! Cities like Dallas and Houston are well known for their annual 4th of July celebrations and it is one of the most anticipated ceremonies of the year! People all over Texas get their 4th of July patriotic ribbons ready and celebrate with a day of grilling and outside fun!

In the city of Dallas, Texas, they hold an annual 4th of July firework show that brings people from all over the state of Texas. Like they say, everything is bigger in Texas and the 4th of July firework shows are no exception!

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Dallas isn’t the only city in Texas that goes big for the 4th of July. Houston is well known for it’s ceremonial firework displays, concerts, and street vendors on independence day. It’s no surprise the some of the biggest cities in Texas celebrate one of the biggest US holidays in style!

Cinco de Mayo

Last but not least is Cinco De Mayo! Celebrating Mexico’s victory at the battle of Puebla, signifying their independence, is one of the most popular holidays in all of Texas! No matter the city, whether it is Dallas, Houston, or San Antonia, laud Cinco De Mayo as one of the best holidays of the year.

With such a rich Mexican culture, it is no surprise that Cinco De Mayo is one of the most popular events of the year! Houston and Dallas both hold annual Cinco De Mayo parades where the streets are covered in extra wide ceremonial ribbons to commemorate the amazing victory at the battle of Puebla.

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All over the state of Texas you will find celebrations filled with delicious food, performances, concerts and even firework shows! Cinco de Mayo is easily one of the most anticipated events of the year all over Texas and other parts of the United States.

Texas is a State Full of Celebrations

While these three are by far the most popular holidays in Texas to note, that is not to say Texas doesn’t celebrate other holidays in style! All over Houston and Dallas, there are constantly ceremonial ribbon cutting events and holidays for everyone to enjoy!

With Texas being one of the largest states both in size and in population, it is no surprise at the amount of incredible holiday celebrations to be had around the state! Next time you’re in Texas, swing by Dallas or Houston and check out some of the top notch attractions and events they have to offer! From Cinco De Mayo, to 4th of July, there is a day for everyone to get out and enjoy some fun among colorful, streaming ceremonial ribbons of all colors! Shop for the best customized ribbons on the net at and take all your celebrations to a new level. Click here for a shipping quote.