4 Way Retractable Belt Line Management Stanchion

Made from durable aircraft grade steel and featuring a minimalist matte black finish, this multi-purpose stanchion is just the tool for your line management needs! Each stanchion measures 39 inches in height and each has a 14 inch diameter base. Stanchion features a retractable belt that extends up to 7.5 feet or 11 feet, that can be ordered in 3 colors – Black, Blue, or Red. Easy and convenient two-part assembly required. Retractable belt stanchion sold as a single piece (1) .

Finish: Powder Coated
Height: 39"
Stanchion Color: Black
Cartridge: 4 Way
Belt Width: 1.97 "
Base Diameter: 14"
Base: Concrete with Black Cover, Rubber Floor Protectors

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SKU: ST0025
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The Stanchions for All Seasons 

You might be faced with situations where crowd management becomes a necessity, whether it is the venue for an event, or the course of ordinary business. The same can be achieved by either managing the crowd into queues, or cordoning off specific areas of the floor, but with either method, one tool is absolutely essential – a set of quality stanchions. The 4 Way Retractable Belt Line Management Stanchions, with their durable construction and minimalist design, are perfect for just about every occasion and every venue – be it movie theaters, music venues, dance clubs, amusement parks, banks, government buildings, restaurants, retail stores or basically any place that calls for proper crowd management. CeremonialSupplies.com features a collection of countless other equally robust stanchions for you to browse through and select the stanchions best suited to your needs.


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