Scissor Display Cases

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Turn your ceremonial accessories into instant keepsakes with this display case. Designed to accommodate 10.5 inch scissors and an accompanying picture frame. The display case measures 10 inches in height, 8 inches in width, and 0.75 in depth to ensure adequate space. This product only includes the display case, the custom plate can be added-on and any other item pictures can be purchased separately.

Add a scissor pin to position a piece of the ribbon used in the ceremony next to the scissors.

Sold separately are our 10.5 ribbon cutting scissors available plain or with custom text.

May take 2-3 business days for processing. Scissors sold separately.


Finely lacquered cherry wood finish scissors and display case exterior dimensions approximately 11" W x 9" L x 2" H with clear glass top. Interior dimensions are 10" W x 7.5" H x 1" D. Available for our 10.5 and 11 inch scissors (sold separately) with choice of black or red felt base caver and two (2) commemorative golden plaques; one golden plaque is inside the grand opening scissors case and can hold up to 5 lines of text, logo, etc., and another smaller golden plaque is placed on the front spine. Magnetic closure.

Exterior plaque included with purchase, if no text is provided the plaque will be left blank. Interior plaque available at an additional cost.

Please note that Scissors sold separately.


The ceremonial wooden display case has dimensions of 28 inches in width X 16 inches in height X 4 inch depth (interior depth of 27X15X3.25). It is made from solid wood and consists of an acrylic door with gold hinges and metal brackets for hanging on the back. There are three wood color options which include Cherry Wood and Walnut. This display case includes hardware and materials for hanging scissors. Add a scissor lapel pin to attach to a cut of ribbon used in the ceremony for decoration. The hooks are placed at an angle to accommodate up to a 30 inch scissor. Includes cleaning kit.

Scissors sold separately.


Display the ceremonial scissors for your ribbon cutting on a pedestal that reflects the grandeur of this big event. The Deluxe Chrome Ceremonial Scissors Display Stand is the exactly that. This high-luster mirror polished chrome stand is top quality metal. Accommodate the height of the arm up to almost 3 ft. for a convenient reach.

From $29.58

This ribbon cutting scissors stand provides a throne for your special scissors on stage. The sturdy metal frame has an adjustable height ranging from 27 inches to 31 inches to accommodate various scissors sizes. A convenient neck guard is built in to keep the scissors locked in an upright position.


A Display for the Scissors That Set You Up for Success

Ceremonial scissors display cases help you preserve the memories of your successful launch. After all, a grand opening is all about showcasing your fruitful endeavors and hopeful future; a shadow box style display case is the ideal mounting frame to show off the ribbon cutting scissors that you used to perform this special ceremony. After a grand opening ceremony, the scissors and even the ribbon used become keepsakes that you will want to proudly show off. Shadow boxes are the adequate type of display case since they keep the scissors untouched in their shrine but allow full visibility of the actual scissors and any type of engraving or personalization you added. At, you will find beautifully crafted shadow boxes and display cases for your ceremonial scissors and keepsakes from your ribbon cutting ceremony. Preserve the memories of the beginning of your journey to success.

Items You May Preserve in a Ceremonial Scissors Display Case

Aside from the ribbon cutting scissors there may other mementos you can present in ceremonial display cases. Some of our displays are large enough to fit other materials that you may have used for the ceremony. You may have passed out ribbon lapel pins to your audience as keepsakes or you may have been featured in a local newspaper story. These make excellent examples of items you could show off in your ceremonial scissors display case along with the actual scissors used. Who’s to say that a framed photo of the ribbon cutting event could not be placed within the display frame? You may even want to save a piece of the ribbon used in the ceremony to save along with the rest of the memorabilia of your grand opening.

Where to Display Your Grand Opening Memorabilia

It is recommended that display cases for ceremonial scissors are placed in a conspicuous area of your business or office where the public is able to see it. The whole point of the celebration is to immortalize the beginning of your business with a special ceremony. You probably invited the most important people that could come to mind at the time, but there will be others that you will meet in the future that you may still impress with memories of your event. Only serious businesses with high standards hold ribbon cuttings, so it is inevitable that you will draw some positive attention. You may find that a ceremonial scissors display case looks best mounted on a wall, but you may also lay it flat within a large museum style display case along with other important articles.

Ceremonial ribbon cuttings are as important to businesses as weddings are to loving couples. At, we want you to commemorate your big day in a special way. Choose from our various wooden display cases and shadow boxes that will frame a symbol of your success. Contact us for more information on our ceremonial scissors displays and corresponding supplies for your grand opening ceremony.