6.5 Ft Braided Stanchion Rope with Black Latch

This product features the Braided Rope with mirror polished hook ends. It measures 6.5 feet in length and 1.7 inches thick. Rope is available in colors Black, Royal Blue, and Red.
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The Dark Shade That Adds a Touch of Mystery and Class

Stanchion Ropes provide a convenient way of managing crowd control while still upholding the decorative appeal of the event. This stanchion rope has braided detailing and is accented with mirror polished hook ends that pairs well with our black stanchion poles. The dark complexion and braided detailing of this Stanchion Rope provides a sleek look that will enhance the prestigious appeal of any event immensely. For black and white themed occasions, this Braided Stanchion Rope perfectly compliments the color scheme while also serving the purpose of managing crowd control. Why should you ever have to sacrifice style over safety? Our Stanchion Ropes offer the best of both worlds.

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The Black Flat Top Stanchion is made from sturdy airplane grade steel, with a matte black finish. The flat top has a disk with four openings that enable a 4-way line configuration. The black flat top stanchion measures 39 inches in Height, 12.5 inches in Base Diameter and weighs 15 Lbs. It is built with a sturdy base to keep it firmly upright. Easy 2-part screw-in assembly. Please note that this is a single product and more quantities can be ordered as needed.


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A set of brass stanchions, grand opening scissors, a grand opening ribbon, and decorative bows--this is as comprehensive as a grand opening kit gets. The package includes a pair of brass stanchions standing 41 inches tall and each weighing 17 pounds, a 30 inch giant scissor with 'Grand Opening' printed on it, a printed ribbon measuring 12 yards by 6 inches, and two 8 inch pull bows that can be easily assembled. Please see below for a full list of color options. 10 scissor color options such as red, blue, black, and more. More than 20 ribbon color options including blue, red, white, and green. And more than 20 color options for the bows with the most popular being red, blue, white, and green.

Please see description below for a list of all possible colors.