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Black Flat Top Stanchion with 4-Way Adapter Disk

The Black Flat Top Stanchion is made from sturdy airplane grade steel, with a matte black finish. The flat top has a disk with four openings that enable a 4-way line configuration. The black flat top stanchion measures 39 inches in Height, 12.5 inches in Base Diameter and weighs 15 Lbs. It is built with a sturdy base to keep it firmly upright. Easy 2-part screw-in assembly. Please note that this is a single product and more quantities can be ordered as needed.
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PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save
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A Modern Twist on a Classic Stanchion Design

Queue posts are designed to provide safety by managing crowds while also not being overtly noticeable. This Black Flat Top Stanchion does just that. This post includes a four-way adapter to connect up to four Stanchion Ropes, allowing for greater crowd control. This post features a sturdy base that prevents it from having it accidentally knocked down which can be a big issue in events that welcome a large number of guests. The matte black finish provides a sleek, subtle look that will match the scale of any event.

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