Braided Stanchion Rope with Gold Ends

A great alternative to velour ropes that is just as elegant with a decorative twist. This Vibrantly colored braided stanchion has golden hook ends that pairs perfectly with golden/brass colored stanchions. You can get the rope in Black, Royal Blue, and Red in 6 FT or 5 FT.

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Maximize Your Stanchions' Look with Braided Rope and Golden Hooks

Braided stanchion rope with gold ends are a refreshing upgrade from classic velour or velvet. The main objective of braided stanchion rope is to maintain crowd control just like any other, but that is just boring.  Braided stanchion rope makes queue management much more interesting as it gets you thinkning about the decorative aspect.

If you are buying golden or brass stanchions, you don't have to settle for classic velvet cords.  Braided stanchion ropes are actually closer to rope than any other "rope." The intertwined strands of colorful fibers create a rustic, yet appealing, look for your venue or place of business.  Braided stanchion cords also prove to be miore durable than classic sand-filled or foam-filled ropes since they are tightly braided.

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Made from stainless steel and featuring a brassy golden finish, the Luxury Brass Stanchion and Rope Queue Management Set includes a set of 2 luxury brass stanchions and one velvet rope with brass hooks. The stanchion measurements are 39.0 inches in height, and 14.0 inches in base diameter, with the velvet rope length being 6 feet. The sturdy base comes with Rubber Floor Protectors, weighing 17.5 lbs, keeps the stanchions firmly upright, while the easy 2-part screw-in assembly and latch hooks secure the rope to the poles.
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This Blue ceremonial carpet is excellent for monumental events. Contains 100% continuous filament nylon. Elegant look with bold color. Available in the following size combinations: Widths between 3 and 6 feet and lengths between 10 and 50 feet.

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Red Black Green Purple Pink

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