Braided Stanchion Rope with Chrome Hooks

This product features a Braided Rope with Chrome hook ends. Rope is available in colors Black, Royal Blue, and Red in 6 FT or 5 FT.
SKU: ST0030
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An Elegant Twist on the Classic Stanchion Ropes

This quintessential crowd management rope features a braided design and chrome hook ends which makes this the ultimate choice for celebratory events such as premieres, galas, grand openings, and more. These events usually bring a whole crowd of guests and visitors and is imperative that the safety of these guests and the hosts themselves are upheld so that the function can operate smoothly and enjoyably. With queue stands, this Stanchion Rope can effectively achieve this. Attach this rope to chrome or brass stanchions with a high gloss finish that functions both as crowd control management as well as a decorative appeal.

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Set includes 2 Black Flat Top Stanchions and 6 feet long velvet Rope. Stanchion posts are made from steel with a matte black finish. Rope is available in color options of Red, Royal Blue, and Black. Flat top features a four-way adapter disk (no ball or urn) to create any line configuration. Stanchions measures 39 inches in Height and 12.5 inches in Base Diameter. It weighs about 15 Lbs each and has a sturdy base that keeps it firmly upright. Easy 2-part screw-in assembly.
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This set includes a pair of four piece white plastic stanchions made of high density polyethylene, with the pieces being a round base 14 inches in diameter, a post measuring 40 inches and being 2.5 inches in diameter, C-hooks to attach the chains to and a ball top. Also included is 16 feet of plastic chains, with the design promoting easy attachability. The stanchion alone weighs approximately 2.6 lbs, and can be filled with water or sand to increase the weight.


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