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6 Ft Red Stanchion Rope

This red stanchion rope makes for an excellent companion piece to a set of polished steel or polished brass stanchions. Its attractive red finish and options of polished brass and polished steel rope ends only accentuate its luxury. The rope measures 6 feet in length, 1.5 inches in width, and is made of velour for a velvet like finish.

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An Elegant Dash of Color for Your Stanchions

While purchasing a decent set of stanchions is the equivalent of getting halfway to your desired result in your ceremonial decor, getting a quality stanchion rope to attach to your stanchions completes them.

The 6 Ft Red Stanchion Rope is belongs to aforementioned class of quality ropes.

Its universally attractive red shade makes it a worthy addition to your ceremony's overall decor, whereas its velour build adds a pleasant velvet like feel and imparts a luxurious element.

The cherry on the cake is the availability of rope ends in either polished steel or polished brass to go with your stanchions perfectly.

More color options can be explored in our stanchions and rope section in our website along with other decorations to have at your groundbreaking or grand opening ceremony.

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This polished ceremonial brass stanchion has a detachable round base and a rubber floor protector underneath base. These stanchion has a polished brass dome top with a disk of 4 openings for rope clip ends. Sold singly (1) one stanchion. Stanchion ropes may be purchased separately.

Specifications: Base: 14.0 inch diameter, Height: 40 in.

Single Piece

Rope Sold separately


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Elegant stanchion for ceremonial events comes with a detachable round base measuring 14 inches in diameter. The post measures 39 inches in height and has a diameter of 2 inches, and also includes a rubber floor protector under the base. The post has an option of urn or flat top design with a disk that has 4 openings for rope clips. Stanchion ropes are not included, and are sold separately. Sold singly (1) one post.

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A classic red carpet for meaningful events. Contains 100% filament nylon for a soft plush texture. This deluxe quality ceremonial carpet is available in widths of 3-6 feet and lengths of 10-50 feet, and everything in between.
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Set includes 2 luxury chrome stanchions with urn shaped top and a red velvet rope line with matching hooks. Stanchions are made from stainless steel with a shiny steel finish. Stanchion post measures 39 inches in Height and 14.0 inches in Base Diameter. It is built with a sturdy base and weighs about 17.5 Lbs with Rubber Floor Protectors. Velvet rope is available in colors Red, Black, and Blue and measures 6 feet in length. Their latch hooks secure the rope to the queue poles. Easy 2-part screw-in assembly is required.

This eye-catching red carpet does the job at a fraction of the cost. This standard ceremonial red carpet is available in sizes 3’ X 10’, 3' X15', and 3’ X 20’.

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