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Deluxe Ceremonial Shovel, Hard Hat and Bow Kit

All the essential products you’ll need at your groundbreaking ceremony, this kit includes a carefully selected combination of tools and corresponding accessories and presents them as a single set. Your purchase comes with a deluxe groundbreaking shovel measuring an impressive 41.25 inches in height, a ceremonial hard hat and an 8 inch bow in a matching color of your choosing. The colors available are red, white, blue, orange and green.

Need to personalize your kit? You can have your shovel and hard hats custom printed in full color or have a custom printed vinyl decal with your logo or commemorative text.

SKU: GK0002
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Groundbreaking Must-Haves

A groundbreaking ceremony is a big occasion, and the tools used to perform it should communicate said grandeur.
A ceremonial hard hat and a groundbreaking shovel are items that are indispensable, but maintaining a healthy aesthetic appeal is always appreciated. A ceremonial bow helps a great deal in this matter.

The Deluxe Ceremonial Shovel, Hard Hat and Bow Kit collects all three of these items, pairs them up as a single comprehensive set.
With the attention to detail in the shovel, the festive nature of the bow, and the ability to choose your own color for the hard hat and the bow, you are provided the perfect opportunity to make your ceremony have some visual pizzazz.
Go through the groundbreaking kits section of to see more options of kits you could employ at your ceremony.

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Made from heavy duty metal, this stand is a must for anyone looking to accommodate their ceremonial shovels. With an adjustable height ranging from 27 inches to 30 inches, and a neck guard to lock the shovel in an upright position, the stand ensures your shovel remains front and center.


The ideal hard hat is both ornamental and useful. With its high density royal blue polyethylene shell that is blank for customization, and the combination of an adjustable pinlock suspension and replaceable soft brow pads, this hard hat checks both boxes.

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With its nifty 1.75 inch by 0.375 inch size and attractive gold or silver finish (depending on your preference), this military clutch style pin back lapel pin is elegant, discreet, and an all-round excellent accessory to be had at a groundbreaking—that makes an even better souvenir.


Made of high density polyethyelene, this bright white hard hat is a must-have for your groundbreaking ceremony. Intended to be both symbolic and useful, the adjustable pinlock suspension and replaceable brow pads ensure quality so that it can double up as a fully functional hard hat and a ceremonial groundbreaking accessory as the blank shell allows customizability.

Other Available Colors—Click To View:

Red Yellow Orange Blue Light-Blue Green Black Gold Silver

Extra vinyl decal.