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Customize your choice of groundbreaking shovel on the head, the wooden shaft, and/or the handle grip. Select from our stainless steel or chromed shovels and personalize them with any desired design and/or text.

We offer various options for customization. Your company logo and/or desired text can be printed in full-color directly on the shovel or you may choose to have a printed plaque mounted on the head or stem to further embellish your lustrous shovel. For a cost-effective alternative, you may opt for full-color vinyl decals that are just as captivating. Simply enter your basic text or e-mail us the artwork; we will take care of the rest. You will receive a proof sample via e-mail before your order is processed to make sure custom options are up to your standard.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.


Groundbreaking Mini Steel Shovels 26 inch long & 6 inch shovel steel blade (at widest point). Available colors for the shovel head: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, and Teal. D-style handle grip with hardwood stem. Optional customization available for direct print or decal with logo and/or text on wooden stem, and single color logo and/or text on shovel blade (head). Children participating in the Groundbreaking Ceremony!

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From $24.50

High-quality 42 inch (total length) chromed stainless steel shovel with white mohagony wooden D-Y handle. Polished finish gives it an appreciable shine that makes it fit for the grandeur of a groundbreaking ceremony. A 12X9.5 in head and a fully enclosed stem socket makes for a sturdy digging tool that does more than just look good!


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Deluxe Shovels    Chrome Shovels    Gold Shovels    Long Handle Shovels   Colorful Shovels  
From $60.60

With the combination of its impressive 41.25 inch height, 9.5 inch blade width and a light 3.4 pound weight made to be wielded via a D-grip, this shovel is both utilitarian as well as striking. The polished wood handle and polished chrome finish shovel blade are simply the icing on the cake.

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Deluxe Shovels    Long Handle Shovels    Chrome Shovels    Gold Shovels    Colorful Shovels  
From $70.50

A perfect mirror reflection an a smooth finished wooden stem make this a top choice among ceremonial groundbreaking shovels--truly meant for a VIP. 42 inch height and 9.5 inch blade width, weighing a total of 3.4 lbs. It compact size and light weight make it easy to handle for your VIP's comfort.

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From $99.50

Red Color Steel Shovel Head blade is 9.5" wide with wooden stem constructed from American ash wood for total height of 42". Black metal D-style handle on wooden grip. Customization options available for the handle grip, the wooden stem, the red steel shovel head, or all three.

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Qty 1+ $73.78Qty 3+ $65.30Qty 5+ $60.50

Other Available Colors:

green   Royal blue   yellow   orange   teal   teal

From $60.50

Our VIP Ceremonial Groundbreaking Mirror Gold Shovel is the perfect token of recognition for your ceremony's most honorable participants. Impress them with this gold shovel, measuring 42" in length with a 9 1/2 inch blade. It weighs a total of 3.4 lbs, making it easy to handle during the groundbreaking.

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The Stainless Steel Long Handle Groundbreaking Shovel is our alternative to the D-Y and D-Grip. With a 12X9 inch head and a 58 inch long ash wood handle, this shovel stands tall to commemorate the beginning of your new construction project. Due to long packing size Minimum Order Quantity is 2.

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From $69.58

All the essential products you’ll need at your groundbreaking ceremony, this kit includes a carefully selected combination of tools and corresponding accessories and presents them as a single set. Your purchase comes with a deluxe groundbreaking shovel measuring an impressive 41.25 inches in height, a ceremonial hard hat and an 18 inch bow in a matching color of your choosing. The colors available are red, white, blue, orange and green.

Need to personalize your kit? You can have your shovel and hard hats custom printed in full color or have a custom printed vinyl decal with your logo or commemorative text.


This very simple kit includes the bare minimum tools needed to perform a ribbon cutting ceremony--an industrial ceremonial grade hard hat and a steel polished shovel measuring 42 inches long. The hard hat is available in a variety of colors such as black, yellow, red, royal blue, green, light blue, orange, white, silver, and gold.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing of custom items.


A set that is essential at every groundbreaking ceremony, this kit collects all the necessary items that might be called for at a groundbreaking ceremony and presents them in a single package. Your purchase includes a polished steel groundbreaking Shovel, a display Stand to accommodate the shovel and a ceremonial hard Hat in a color of your choice, whether black, yellow, red, royal blue, light blue, hunter green or orange.


A set that you'd do well to have at your groundbreaking ceremony, this kit collects all the items that might be required and presents them to you in a single package. Your purchase includes a polished steel groundbreaking shovel (measuring 42 in. in length with 12 X 9 in. blade), a ceremonial hard hat and an 8 inch bow in a color of your choice: red, white, blue, orange or green.

Want to personalize your hard hat and shovel? Have your logo and/or dedication text printed in full color directly on the shovel or add vinyl decal as a lower cost alternative!


Royal Blue colored Steel head ceremonial Groundbreaking shovel with black metal D-style handle on wood grip. 42' high and 9.5' wide shovel head. The stem is of American wooden ash. Shovel blade, stem, and handle can be customized with direct print or vinyl decal. Optional engraving plate of matching blue can be personalized for the stem.

Other Available Colors:

Red   green   yellow   orange   teal   teal

From $60.50

A set of elegant groundbreaking accessories, this kit collects all the essential items that are needed at a groundbreaking ceremony and presents them in a simple package. Your purchase includes a deluxe ceremonial groundbreaking shovel, a shovel display stand and a ceremonial hard hat in either of two luxurious colors - gold or silver.


Display Case has an outside dimension of 45"L X 12"W X 6.00"D, and an inside dimension of 44"L X 9.5"W X 5.25"D. It includes a lockable latch for safety. Made of beech hardwood, and acrylic door. Wood color options include Oak, Walnut, Cherry, and Black. The Interior color options include Red, Blue, Black, White, and Green. The case comes included with all the hardware necessary to hang it on the wall as well as hardware to mount the shovel inside the case and keep it place no matter which way you hang it. Perfectly accommodates our Deluxe Ceremonial Chrome Head Shovel # SH0002. Please note: It may take an additional 5-6 business days for processing.


Green colored Steel head ceremonial Groundbreaking shovel with black metal D-style handle on wood grip. 42" high and 9.5" wide shovel head. Grip and stem are American ash wood. Shovel blade, stem, and handle can be customized with direct print or vinyl decal. Optional engraving plate of matching Green can be personalized for the stem.

Other Available Colors:

Red   royal blue   yellow   orange   pink   teal

From $60.50

The Deluxe Chrome Ceremonial Shovel Display Stand features a lustrous chromed steel frame and sturdy stem guard to secure your shovel(s) while on display at your groundbreaking ceremony. This is a perfect alternative to our standard display stands when you want to accentuate the prestige of your event. The stem guard can be adjusted to accommodate almost any shovel and it is easy to latch and unlatch.


Made from heavy duty metal, this stand is a must for anyone looking to accommodate their ceremonial shovels. With an adjustable height ranging from 27 inches to 40 inches, and a neck guard to lock the shovel in an upright position, the stand ensures your shovel remains front and center.


Orange Ceremonial Groundbreaking Shovel is 42" high with a 9.5" wide steel shovel blade (head). Handle is black metal, D-style with American ash wood grip and stem. Customization is optional for handle grip, wooden stem, or shovel blade.

Other Available Colors:

Red   green   Royal blue   yellow   teal   teal

From $60.50

Yellow colored Steel blade ceremonial shovel is 42" in length with a 9.5" across the blade. Handle is D-style black metal with wooden grip, and stem is constructed from American ash wood. Can be customized on the handle grip with direct print or decal or logo and/or text on the wooden grip, on the wooden stem, or both. Shovel stem customized with direct print or an engraved yellow plate (silver plate or any other available color is optional).

Other Available Colors:

Red   green   Royal Blue   orange   teal   teal

From $60.50

Celebrate New Beginnings with Ceremonial Shovels

Nothing marks the beginning of a new construction project like a ceremonial groundbreaking shovel taken to the ground. That first dig is special because it officially initiates a meaningful task involving many individuals and endless hours of hard work just to plan. Just as that day is special, so is the groundbreaking shovel you use to perform the traditional ceremony. Ceremonial shovels should stand out from the typical tool shed line-up. A shiny chrome finished blade and a sturdy but delicately polished wooden shaft are a familiar sight at groundbreakings; absolutely not the quality and style you would find at a construction site. And even though groundbreaking shovels seem to be “just for show” on the day of the groundbreaking, their look will have long-lasting effects.

Why a Special Shovel?

Ceremonial shovels are the most basic tool used at a groundbreaking event; without them, there is no proper way to perform a groundbreaking in the first place. The reason you host a special gathering to kick off your construction project is because there are important people to recognize and thank in the public eye. Media should be present along with important audience members to whom the project is relevant. At this point, the groundbreaking is considered a formal event. Just as when you attend a wedding with formal attire, a ceremonial groundbreaking calls for special “outfits,” not just referring to the appearance of audience members and the ceremony participants, but also the tools used. The shiny metallic shovel spade and furniture quality wooden handle are the equivalent of an elegant tuxedo. This is the type of shovel you or your event’s participants should have in hand when in the spotlight.

Ceremonial Groundbreaking shovels are usually preserved and displayed as a trophy that represents your success. This is why you should not simply settle for a regular shovel to perform at such a special occasion. After the event, it is customary to preserve the shovel in a display case along with other mementos of the ceremony and pictures of the gathering. It will be a reminder of the proud day to you and a sample of the great accomplishments of your organization. Whether your company is expanding into new territory or planning the construction of a new facility, groundbreakings are the best way to celebrate that giant leap. Remember it with the adequate ceremonial groundbreaking shovel.

Types of Shovels

As long as your Ceremonial Shovel is specially made for Groundbreakings, you are making a solid choice. However, some variations of the shovel are available for your preference. Naturally, prices will vary based on the detail and the materials they are made from, but your choice will depend on how elaborate you want the design to be. Take our deluxe shovels for instance, they are designed with the same shape and functional qualities of a work shovel, but the chrome finish on the spade and the matching D-shaped steel grip on a polished wooden handle separate it from the standard design. The alternative is not too far from this level of quality. With the exception of the metallic D-grip, the polished steel ceremonial shovel has a similar build with a fully wooden handle. features high quality groundbreaking shovels in addition to hard hats, decorations and keepsakes to help you stage a memorable ceremony. Contact us at 1-877-373-4273 or e-mail us at to learn about other products that will make your groundbreaking special.