Employee of the Month Medal

Every company has one—month, after month, after month. Designed to congratulate the employee of the month, this medal measures 2 inches in size and features an etched design with a 2 and a quarter inch plain rim medal frame and a 32 inch by 1 and a half inch neck ribbon to allow you to proudly display the medal. The ribbon can be had in multiple colors such as blue, red, white, green, gold, black, and purple.

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An Honor Awarded Monthly

The business world is becoming a more and more a competitive place; the recognition by companies of their top employees every month is a perfect example of how competition is the driving force for success.

Employees are putting in as much time and effort as they can to ensure their work is exemplary and they are the employee of the month. The Employee Of The Month Medal is a small step towards recognising the ambition and dedication.