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A trophy that celebrates corporate achievements, this trophy measures 5.5 inches by 9 inches by 4 inches, and weighs a reassuring 3 pounds. The attached black base gives you a print area good for 5 lines of text, with 1 line being for the header and the rest for the body.


Providing yet another option when it comes to commemorating hard work, this award measures 8 inches tall and features a simulated wood base. This trophy holds a 2 inch insert (medal) and includes a gold plate which can be had with up to 3 lines of engraved text.


A five-pointed star made of stone resin, this is a resplendent award for a starry performance. Measuring 7 inches by 5 and three quarter inches, the award comes with a 2 inch medallion insert recognizing sales achievement and 3 lines of optional engraving (1 header followed by 2 lines of text) in black mylar with contrasting gold engraving. The award is also available in white.


With its impressive baroque design and its 5.5 inch by 12 inch by 5 inch size,this is a must have award to recognize business superstars. The award features space for 6 lines of text (1 header followed by 5 lines of text) and also has the option to have a logo printed at the center front. Gift box for storage included.


The perfect mix of high achievement recognition and ornamental design, this award measures 8.5 inches with a base that comes on a walnut finish. The eagle can be produced in 3 metallic finishes - Brass, Silver or Bronze.


This crystal key makes for a stunning honorary award. It measures 6 inches in length by 2 and a quarter inches by 1 inches. The key can be personalized with 2 lines of engraved text included in price, with the option of adding a logo for an additional fee. The key comes with a gift box to present to the recipient.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (before shipping).


Hand casted with a bright 24K gold finish, and standing on a black base measuring an impressive 10 inches tall, this award is motivation enough for potential recipients. For a small fee, a logo can be etched on the award with upto 3 lines of text.

Elegant 8” hand painted trophy for a groundbreaking construction includes a base that holds a gold engraving plate that can accommodate up to 4 lines of text, and a miniature replica shovel and hard hat leaning against a slab of stone.

This stainless steel sculpture is a work of art that embodies the theme of "Balance" for an exceptional recognition award that represents outstanding and exemplary leadership in teamwork. The Industry Leader Award is a perfect gift for a successful CEO, or an annual industry award. The stylish sculpture of a ball balanced on top of three-pronged pedestal slabs is symbolic of maintaining control over a thriving forward business. Recognize a special leader in your company with a true work of art with this inspirational sculpture, 100% crafted from aeronautic grade stainless steel, polished to a satin mirror finish. The award measures 16 - 1/4 inches high, by 6 - 1/4 inches wide, by 6 - 1/4 inches long, which is a considerably impressive size for an award presentation. Also included are 3 engraved lines of text, one for the header and the rest for the body. This award comes with a distinguished presentation box.


Made of resin material 6" wide by 6" height x 3" depth, metal coated hard hat and shovel on base cast stone.

A groundbreaking keepsake is a memento or souvenir given to participants as a reminder of the day they took part in a groundbreaking ceremony to commemorates an important and historic moment.

Trophies to Award for Corporate Excellence 

Searching for corporate award trophies to honor a commendable business person or group? is the best place to find the right trophy award for the right professional achievement. Every individual who has scaled the summit of excellence has incurred tremendous sacrifice and given his maximum effort to achieve what he has achieved. Every achievement is a celebration of this dedication and spirit, and deserves to be commemorated. Being mindful of the same, helps you honor these achievements with award trophies to present to them.

Presenting award trophies to achievers has been a tradition since time immemorial. While alternatives such as plaques and medals have become available in recent times, award trophies continue to remain the most popular medium for rewarding exceptional performances. With award trophies, there is a sense of grandeur and stylistic flair attached that other mediums have yet to emulate, and perhaps it is for this reason that in most professional fields and corporate environments, award trophies continue to be the definitive reward.

In most cases, award trophies follow a similar pattern of construction; there is a wooden or a polycarbonate base attached to an ornate trophy shaped in a form that is representative to the nature of the achievement. The trophy itself, depending on its design and the complexity of it, can be made of either metal, or plastic, and in some cases, even glass. The award trophies may either be fully made out of metal, or merely have a plating of it on top of another material. Award trophies made of metal usually adopt a gold, silver or bronze color scheme, with the colors being symbolization for the position achieved where such a system may be followed. The design of the trophy varies with the nature of the achievement, as in where a trophy being given for corporate or meritorious excellence may follow a minimalist design, a similar trophy being given for corporate leadership may adopt a more outré design. Even in the same achievement category, depending on how traditional the corporation is, the award trophies may differ aesthetically. A leadership award, for instance may vary between a simplistic star shaped trophy or an intricately detailed eagle.

At, we firmly believe that the human potential is maximized when the efforts put into an endeavour are rewarded. Whether it is an employee who outperformed at a corporation, independent sales representatives who continuously supersede their own goals, or any honorable person who are important to an organization, there is an award trophy waiting for them at We offer a wide variety of award trophies to the achievers of all sizes and designs for businesses and corporate award ceremonies. And since award trophies are prestige items made to celebrate exceptional accomplishments, they need to be built to communicate that message. To that effect, we at take it upon ourselves to ensure that every corporate award trophy we sell, across every budget, meets a stringent quality control standard. Our award trophies are made from the most solid of durable materials to match the heft of the achievement. With the proper finish, we ensure that the trophy being awarded continues to adorn your display cases for ages.