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Standard Green Ceremonial Carpet Runner

This bright kelly-green standard carpet runner is a beautiful accent to any corporate event function. The Standard Green Event Carpet Runner is available in widths 3 and 4 feet, with lengths of 10, 15, and 20 feet.

Need bigger sizes?  Check out our Deluxe Deep Green Carpet, you can get it in dimensions of 3,4, or 6 feet width and lengths up to 50 feet!

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SKU: CT0020
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Make every event special with this beaming Green Standard Carpet Runner that is sure to add elegance and continuity to custom decorations in a corporate event or for permanent use anywhere! Green is the color of growth, health, and fortune! It is a popular color employed for brands and corporations in the realm of health, nature, and natural purity. Roll out the green carpet when organizing events for health centers and skincare or beauty salons - the vibrational energy associated with green in this Standard Carpet Runner is potent and revitalizing!

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