Judicial Award of Excellence Medal

Recognizing the grandeur of our judicial professionals, the Judicial Award of Excellence Medal features these very words circling a balancing scale and an American flag in the background. This is an etched medal measuring 2 inches in size that comes with a 2 .25 inch plain rim medal frame and a 32 X 1.5 neck ribbon in a solid color that you pick. Ribbon colors you can choose from come in blue, red, white, green, gold, black, and purple.

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Award for Passing Excellent Judgement

The judicial field is full of high profile cases managed by superbly knowledgeable minds. These folks are the backbone of the judicial system and they are in charge of maintaining law and order. The Judicial Award of Excellence Medal honors those members of the judicial system that maintain checks and balances ands holds parties on both sides, the government and the individuals, accountable.