Maroon Ribbon Cutting Scissors With Silver Blades

Maroon Ribbon Cutting Scissors are exclusively sold with stainless steel blades in a size of 25" in length.

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Scissors in Maroon Catch the Eye of Everyone in the Room

Caution: Handle with care. Steel Scissors with sharp blade edges and sharp points. Meant for adults use only.

Maroon ribbon cutting scissors make for a unique grand opening ceremony. These scissors are especially crafted for ribbon cuttings and made in a color that is not too common for ceremonial scissors, but do match many company logos. Grand opening ceremonies are a way to introduce your new business to the public. It is important that all the products used are consistently as impressive as your organization. These Maroon ribbon cutting scissors will definitely be the main accessory to showcase as their sizable shape and boldly colored handles will be seen from every place in the room.

If you brand’s color schemes incorporate maroon, burgundy or any of the darker shades of red, then you are in luck! With the combination of metal blades and sturdy handles which provide an excellent grip, you will certainly have ribbon cutting scissors that look great and perform even better! And yes, the blades do in fact cut ribbon, and are rather sharp! A grand opening is incomplete without the wide ribbon and giant scissors. These scissors will not let you down.

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Red Printed Grand Opening Ribbon is perfect for a classic ribbon cutting. The red ribbon has 'Grand Opening' in white print stamped across. The ribbon measures 4 inches in width (with a 6 inch option available as well), while the length can be 12 yards or 25 yards, depending on your needs.

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The ribbon features a high quality satin gloss finish to catch the eye of every spectator, and is 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 inches wide and 12, 25 or even 50 yards in length.

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Like a fine red wine, this Burgundy Ceremonial Grand Opening Ribbon appeals to those with great taste. Shop this ribbon for your ribbon cutting ceremony in options of 4 in X 25 yds or 4 in X 50 yds.

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Red Light-Pink Hot Pink Yellow Orange Brown Dark-Brown Royal Blue Navy-Blue Sky-Blue Teal Green Light-Green Neon-Green Purple Lavender Gold Silver Black White


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 Grand Opening Kits    Crowd Controls    Accessories and Decor    Ceremonial Scissors  


With options of 8 inches or 14 inches, On the Go Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Pull Bows are easy-to-use decorative bows for ribbon cuttings, grand openings, groundbreakings and any other ceremonial event that calls for festive decor. The extremely convenient ingenuity of these bows is what makes them a must-have. The bow comes unassembled in a flat package. The magic happens when you withdraw the flat bow from the package and pull on a string that brings a fluffed up bow together in a matter of seconds. A perfectly shaped bow with minimal effort.

Available options:
8” Pull Bow comes in gold, silver, royal blue, white, green, orange, red, black, turquoise, fuchsia, burgundy, lavender, lime green, brown, navy, light blue, yellow, and purple.
14” Pull Bow comes in Iridescent White and Metallic Red

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This ribbon cutting scissors stand provides a throne for your special scissors on stage. The sturdy metal frame has an adjustable height ranging from 27 inches to 31 inches to accommodate various scissors sizes. A convenient neck guard is built in to keep the scissors locked in an upright position.