Minuteman with Copper Scroll Award Plaque

The Minuteman with Copper Scroll Award Plaque is an honorary plaque that measures 9 inches by 12 inches and comes in an immensely attractive high gloss rosewood finish that is sure to catch the eye. The plaque is notable for featuring a highly detailed 6 inch copper minuteman on it that differentiates it from its peers. The plaque also features a 7 and a half inch by 4 and a half inch copper scroll plate upon which you can have your desired content written.
SKU: ML0078
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A Plaque as Unique as They Come!

Minutemen held the reputation of having the ability to get ready at a minute's notice.

It's only fair, then, that if you're looking for the perfect plaque to honor someone with at a minute's notice, you opt for the lovely Minuteman with Copper Scroll Award Plaque.

The plaque features an alluring high-gloss rosewood finish for the ages, and features a stunningly detailed minuteman along with a copper plate for you to have your perfect message written upon.

The plaque's unique aesthetic choices make it an excellent option for you to choose from while selecting a plaque to honor someone with.