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Pre-printed 'Grand Opening' Ribbon

An affordable alternative to fully custom ribbon, the pre-printed 'Grand Opening' ribbon includes a step and repeat of the text print throughout the entire ribbon with multiple ribbon colors to choose from. Select from 4" and 6" widths and 12 or 25 yard lengths.

This item has 2-3 business days processing time before shipping. If you need the item earlier please contact us for rush availability.

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Make an eye-catching impression at a Grand Opening with Pre-printed grand opening ribbons from, that come in 4” and 6” widths, and up to 25 yards, all ready to go!

Pre-printed grand opening ribbons with the words "Grand Opening" prominently displayed provide instant recognition and convey the purpose of the event. These ribbons act as visual cues for attendees, passersby, and potential customers, clearly indicating that a new business is opening its doors. The straightforward and direct messaging helps generate curiosity and excitement, ensuring that people understand the significance of the occasion.

Using pre-printed ribbons with the phrase "Grand Opening" ensures a consistent and professional look throughout the event. The pre-printed text offers a polished and uniform appearance. This creates a sense of professionalism and attention to detail, which can positively impact attendees' perception of your business. 

Pre-printed ribbons that already feature the words "Grand Opening" save you valuable time and effort. Instead of having to handwrite or customize each ribbon individually, you can simply use pre-printed “Grand Opening” ribbon and accomplish a colorful and appealing to create statement for a grand opening ceremony. offers grand opening ribbons in a variety of colors, that clearly state "Grand Opening," so you can effectively communicate the purpose of the event, maintain a professional appearance, and save time during the preparation process. These ribbons serve as impactful and convenient tools for promoting your business and attracting attention to your grand opening celebration. They are available in multiple color options and 12 or 25 yards length of repeated copy. Click here for a quote.


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The Royal Blue Ribbon Cutting Scissors come in a vibrant hue of blue. Get them in lengths of 25 or 30 inches.

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Other Available Items:

 Ceremonial Ribbon    Grand Opening Kits    Display Cases    Accessories and Decor  


These 17 inch latex balloons are the perfect accessory to enliven your grand opening ceremony. With included colors such as red, magenta, blue, yellow and orange included in this 10 pack and the words 'grand opening' printed on them, these balloons will ensure your ceremony's vividness.


Click for Gold Blank Scissors

Besides lustrous, clean-cut, golden blades and vibrantly colored handles in Red, Royal Blue or Black, these custom ceremonial scissors allow for unique personalization that opens the doors to promotional opportunities during and after your ribbon cutting ceremony. With a 30 inch length, the blades provide plenty of room to include a custom logo and/or custom text. Inscribe a company name, slogan, special message or details to commemorate your event. Regardless of what you choose, customization will turn your giant golden scissors into a relic.

Please allow 2-4 business days for processing.


Other Available Items:

 Ceremonial Ribbon    Grand Opening Kits    Display Cases    Accessories and Decor