Service is Our Passion Medal

An etched medal looking to celebrate the spirit of service, this medal measures 2 inches in diameter and has a 2.75 inch plain rim medal frame and comes with a 32 X 1.5 inch neck ribbon in a solid color. Ribbon color options available include blue, red, white, green, gold, black, and purple.

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Service Makes the Business World Go Round

The field of service is hardly an easy one, and the perseverance to carry on is truly commendable. “Going the extra mile” and putting customers first is the key, but not everyone executes this as well as your ‘Service Is Our Passion Medal’ recipient.

The Service Is Our Passion Medal rewards the perseverance and dedication seen in the service sector by outstanding individuals who keep clientele coming back for more business. Its etched design and ability to display around the neck certainly goes for it.