Strength and Leadership Eagle Plaque

Eagle Awards are specially reserved for elite recipients who have amassed a plethora of achievements over very industrious careers. A detailed eagle plaque measuring 10.5 X 13 inches, this is thee plaque that your elite recipient deserves. You are provided a choice of either a rosewood surface with an antique gold finish eagle or an ebony surface with antique silver finish eagle. The plaque allows up to 8 lines of text (up to 26 characters each), with the first being a bold header.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (before shipping).

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For Leadership That Soars Above Excellence

An eagle is the worldwide symbol of leadership; so much that it is even the national bird of the United States. A stunning plaque designed to celebrate strength and leadership, the Strength and Leadership Eagle Plaque will certainly accentuate the pride already felt by the recipient.

Whether you opt for the rosewood and golden eagle option, or the one in black ebony with a silver eagle, you get a truly stunning plaque.