The Elegance and Convenience of Dual Color Groundbreaking Shovels

The elegance and convenience of dual color groundbreaking shovels is best appreciated when the company logo, or the company colors are an important part of the company image. A groundbreaking shovel or ceremonial shovel used in a groundbreaking ceremony should be the star of the event! Usually there is more than one ceremonial shovel used as there is always more than one person invited to cut first ground, and each individual is normally awarded with his or her own ceremonial shovel., the best one-stop shop on the internet for ceremonial groundbreaking shovels, grand opening ribbons, ribbon cutting scissors, military ceremonies, awards, and corporate wearables, corporate keepsakes and gifts, is proud to introduce a new option for dual color groundbreaking shovels! Yes, now you can combine two colors to grace your ceremonial shovel with the colors that best feature your company logo or your company name! selection of two color shovels include combinations of any two colors available for our deluxe groundbreaking shovels. The colors are applied to the shovel blade, and the side grip metal of the ceremonial shovel handle. The deluxe groundbreaking shovel is a full size shovel measuring 42” in height, with a 9” blade width. This deluxe ceremonial shovel has a metal grip on the handle and it is this grip, along with the shovel head that are offered in the two-tone color scheme. Available colors include red, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, brown, black, white, and purple. The dual color groundbreaking shovels can have for instance, your choice of a yellow blade with a black handle grip, or vice versa, or red blade and blue grip – as well as any two-color combination you wish.

This ability to feature two colors on your ceremonial groundbreaking shovel take the promotional aspect of the event a step further by being able to feature the two most prominent identifying colors of your company logo or company name. These marketing features further cement the brand image and identity of your company. This is a valuable element to your groundbreaking ceremony because it emphasizes your brand or company colors in photos and videos of the event in an elegant way!

The most popular two color shovel blade and grip combination we had in the year 2021 was the red shovel head and blue shovel grip and vice versa. This red and blue groundbreaking shovel was paired most often with the white hat and American flags. Many businesses coming back from a brutal lockdown have chosen to express a unifying sentiment as we leave behind the lingering effects of a pandemic that separated families, friends, and co-workers. Small businesses across the country had to shut their door forever, leaving only bigger firms and very few other small businesses untouched. With groundbreaking ceremonies for all the big construction companies launching new and huge building projects, the red and blue shovel and the white hard hat with American flags became the most popular ceremonial shovel and hard hat combination for There’s no better way for a construction company to promote solidarity than with the red, white, and blue!

Other popular two color combinations seen this year in groundbreaking shovels was the black shovel head with a white color shovel handle grip, or the other way around. Customized with white on black, or black on white, this sod-cutting shovel blade and grip color combo provided a popping visual for a company logo or commemorative message. We also saw an increase in whimsical color combinations depending on the time of the year. For example, during September thru November 2021 we received a couple of orders calling for orange shovel head and brown grip, brown shovel head with orange handle grip, and red shovel head with brown handle grip. Most likely inspired by the colors of fall, these full sized shovels looked positively impressive after customization and paired with orange hard hats, or the brown hard hat colors. Customization on these colors provide a truly outstanding message. White font customization on any of the fall color blades provide an eye-popping statement that shows up clearly in photos and videos.

The two color shovel and handle grip combinations for groundbreaking shovels are a slick and elegant way to modernize a traditional ceremony like a first sod-cutting, and the ceremonial shovels properly dressed with matching bows and hard hats create a perfect photo stage opportunity. Using fully dressed ceremonial shovels each placed on their own shovel stand, you can create a stage for the official event photo. A fully dressed shovel includes a matching bow attached to the stem of the groundbreaking shovel, a hard hat placed over the handle grip of the shovel, and a shovel stand that securely holds the groundbreaking shovel in place before, and after the ceremony. For a more sophisticated and elaborate photo stage you can use a carpet runner of a matching color, a customized backdrop step and repeat or banner, and stanchions and rope. This will create a specific area for photographing the VIPS, the construction chiefs, and local government representatives who are usually on hand at a groundbreaking ceremony in the community. The promotional aspect of this set up cannot be stressed enough. This arrangement provides continuity of brand or company image especially if photos and videos will be provided to the media for coverage. We know the local media and sometimes even the national media follows celebrities and government officials wherever they go. When local government officials and important VIPS take part in a local groundbreaking ceremony, the media follows. With an elegant set up for photo opportunities, using the fully dressed shovels clearly customized with the company logo, company name, or commemorative message or date, a backdrop banner and other decorative details available at, you will make the best possible statement for your company or brand.

Shop for your choice of any two color shovel blade and grip combination, hard hats, backdrop banners, crowd posts, ceremonial ribbon, shovel stands, construction trophies and awards, corporate wearables, shovel stands and display cases, military display cases, flags, and military medals, all at budget friendly prices! Everything you need under one roof at You will appreciate our knowledgeable and helpful customer service, and our fast and efficient shipping. Click here for a shipping quote.