US Marine Corps Lapel Pin

The US Marine Corps Lapel Pin features an eagle, a globe, and an anchor US Marine Corps logo. The pin measures 7/8 of an inch and is designed to be worn on your lapel.
SKU: ML0024
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A Timeless Lapel Pin!

The good old things have their own anachronistic charms, and nothing exemplifies the same better than the US Marine Corps Lapel Pin.

The perfect lapel pin for those who wear their patriotism on the sleeve, the lapel pin comes in an exquisite enamel finish that is unlike another and instantly grabs the attention. It also includes a butterfly clutch backing.

Furthermore, the United States Marine Corps motif simply adds to the attractiveness quotient of the lapel pin while giving you the perfect showcase for the respect you have for the sacrifice the Marine Corps goes through to ensure you sleep soundly at night.

A lapel provides you the perfect opportunity to showcase your patriotism in a quietly assertive manner, that is simultaneously bold and understated.

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