Wynwood FL Grand Openings with Ribbon Art Decorations

Wynwood is a neighborhood north of downtown Miami that up until ten years ago was an area full of abandoned warehouses, empty lots of overgrown grass, and crime. Today, Wynwood, FL grand openings with ribbon art decorations aren’t anything new to the area, made famous by rebel artists and bold galleries that suddenly had the art spotlight shining right on them. It can be said the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami was reborn thanks to ART BASEL and its spill over from Miami Beach, across the Julia Tuttle Causeway into North East Miami’s 36th Street’s assortment of empty lofts and abandoned spaces just dying to host a major art collection! By 2012, the main sponsors of Art Basel, including the financiers and insurers, were all holding functions on dreaded 36th Street and 2nd avenue NE almost up to 12th Avenue. Galleries like the ultra-chic LMNT housed some of the most modern “new” names in the art world, and some never forgotten ones like Basqiat. Today Wynwood is a busy, trendy neighborhood filled with high-rise construction of mixed use with condominiums, rental apartments, restaurants, and shops. Still on the upswing of the growth thermometer, grand openings are commonplace in Wynwood and downtown Miami, and a grand opening ceremony in this area is bound to be impressively artistic and different!

A Ceremonial Ribbon Art Cutting?

Ceremonial ribbons are different from other ribbons because they are strong, firm, and foldable without wrinkling – making it a perfect ribbon for personalization with a company name, a commemorative date, a logo, or some other message because the text will remain bright and clear to read, on a sturdy fabric that is also easy to cut. Ceremonialsupplies.com specializes in offering event planners and organizers well crafted, quality products for the use in grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies, first sod-cutting ceremonies, military ceremonies, and corporate events, including wearables, awards, and other gifts. Our products are first class quality at budget friendly prices, our customer service staff is attentive and helpful, and our shipping is fast and efficient. Our selection of ceremonial ribbons for grand openings and ribbon-cutting ceremonies range in widths and lengths varying from 2.25” inches wide to 4”, 6”, 8”, inches wide, and extra-wide ribbon 10” and 12” wide. Lengths can be anywhere between 10 yards to 50 yards depending on the ribbon. If you’re planning a grand opening event or a ribbon-cutting ceremony, you will find everything from the perfect ribbon, to the ceremonial scissors, scissor stand, stanchions, bows, banners, signs, balloons, and red carpet, right under one roof at ceremonialsupplies.com.

Creating an artistic display for a ribbon-cutting ceremony starts with the right ribbon, starting with the appropriate length and width. In addition, this all depends on the size of the entrance! The wider the front doors, the longer the ribbon. A ceremonial ribbon that will be printed, and displayed across say a 10’ entryway, should be wider than 6” for the text to be clearly visible, and the ribbon to be as impressive as the event itself. The giant ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors are 25” tall, and the jumbo ribbon-cutting scissors are 30” tall with gold or silver blades, and handle color of your choice: black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink … whatever color you choose, ceremonialsupplies.com has the perfect color handle to go with the ceremonial scissors and ribbon! For the more traditional, ribbon-cutting scissors for use in a smaller area, we also have the golden blades 10” ceremonial scissors.

The day of the event, the ceremonial ribbon is set up using stanchions, sometimes known as crowd posts, or simply posts. One stanchion on each side of the entrance, holding up the ceremonial ribbon on each end. Here is where ribbon artistry takes center stage. Each side of the entrance can be decorated with bows, balloons, and more streaming ribbons in matching or contrasting hues. Judging from the abundance of art in Wynwood, it is probably the reason why grand openings in this neighborhood are decorated extravagantly, including red carpet entrances and chandeliers!

Ribbon Art Decorations for a Grand Opening Event

The decoration of the grand entrance is the focus of the event, and whilst it is the first, and most important impression, the decoration hardly ends here! Artists grasp every opportunity to display their talents, and a community of artists is bound to be showing off art talent in everything they do. So it is in Wynwood, where bakers and molders, to painters, manicurists, and fashion designers, the individual artistic flair of a tailor, or the exquisite arrangements of a flower shop, will be incorporated into their own, special grand opening decorations. Ribbon is something all grand openings have in common since there is always a ribbon to cut. A memorable grand opening however is where the guests are impressed. To impress your guests with ribbon art at a grand opening event in Wynwood, or any other neighborhood in Florida or the world, create an experience! An encounter with art. Surprise your guests with wonderment and enchantment. When the front doors swing open after the ribbon-cutting, treat your guests to a visual artistic confrontation with art, created by using ribbons and balloons, banners and buntings, and more. The inside of the shops, stores, and businesses in Wynwood are large enough where ceiling draping can create any atmosphere from an ancient Greek festival, to a futuristic phantasm dance rave. A front door “teaser” ribbon canopy can be created to frame the ceremonial ribbon, and will add to the awe factor!

Ribbon art is a powerful form of artistic expression, and a grand opening event, which features the ceremonial ribbon as part of the presentation, is the perfect occasion to let your creative juices flow. Shop ceremonialsupplies.com for ceremonial ribbons, ribbon-cutting scissors, scissors display stand, balloons, bows, stanchions, carpet runners, and all the trimmings you need to artfully decorate a grand opening ceremony wherever you are. Click here for a shipping quote.

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