Yellow Stanchion Rope 6 Ft long

Beautifully paired with one of our posh Yellow Rope, and a set of classic brass or chrome stanchions, this plush 6’ Yellow stanchion rope will complement the overall color-scheme design. Made from velour fabric, the Yellow stanchion rope is 1.5 around and comes with polished brass end and silver end caps.

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SKU: ST0043
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Yellow Stanchion Rope

Yellow is a color brimming with positive associations. It's most commonly linked to sunshine, happiness, and optimism. It can also represent warmth, energy, and intellect. The vibrant hue of yellow has remarkable effects on the human psyche, eliciting a broad spectrum of emotions and behaviors. The color yellow often symbolizes happiness, positivity, and energy due to its bright and vibrant hue. It's associated with sunshine and warmth, which can evoke feelings of joy and optimism. 

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