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Featuring a black enamel pin design with a gold trim, this is an excellent alternative to a traditional looped ribbon pin. This lapel pin measures a compact 0.625 inches by 1.125 inches with a friction pin clasp back, this makes for an excellent item to show your support for a cause.


Featuring a golden trim on a blue enamel pin, this small Blue Ribbon Support Lapel Pin measures 0.625 inches by 1.125 inches. It is an excellent accessory to show your support for a cause or to raise awareness about a certain disease or a condition. The pin comes with a friction back pin clasp for easy attachment.


With its nifty 1.75 inch by 0.375 inch size and attractive gold or silver finish (depending on your preference), this military clutch style pin back lapel pin is elegant, discreet, and an all-round excellent accessory to be had at a groundbreaking—that makes an even better souvenir.

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With a compact size measuring an inch and metallic finish, this miniature hammer lapel pin is an excellent keepsake when it comes to kick-off ceremonies for construction projects. The lapel pin is available in either gold or silver color.


This ceremonial key lapel pin features a military clutch style pin back. This pin comes in two color options: Gold or Silver and measures 3/8 x 1 3/8 inches.

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Measuring a compact 0.25 inch by 0.875 inches, this pewter cast gold finished lapel pin is an excellent fit for ceremonies celebrating construction kickoff ceremonies. A military clutch style back and an attractive saw like design make it a worthy keepsake for attendees.


Ceremonial scissors pin has a shiny finish with military clutch snap pin back. A perfect memento for grand openings and ribbon cutting ceremonies . Comes in size 1 1/8 x 3/4 inches. Color options include: Gold or Silver.

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In order to raise awareness for illnesses and conditions denoted by green color, a looped ribbon is often employed. This enamel lapel pin with golden trim is a great complementary accessory. With a subtle size that measures 0.625 inches by 1.125 inches and a friction back pin clasp, this pin is a low profile yet highly visible item that is sure to be a reassuring touch.


Red as a color serves as a visual representative of many causes, and with this red enamel pin with its golden trim and a convenient friction back pin clasp, you can show your support for one of these causes as well. The pin measures 0.625 inches by 1.125 inches.


To promote awareness for illnesses and conditions denoted by the color orange, an orange looped ribbon is used, and this golden trimmed enamel lapel pin is a great substitute. With a compact size that measures 0.625 inches by 1.125 inches and a friction back pin clasp, it is a subtle and well thought out touch to show solidarity and reassure fighters.


Nothing shows solidarity quite like a looped ribbon, or a lapel pin based on the design. With its nifty size that measures 0.625 inches by 1.125 inches and a friction back pin clasp, the pin is a discreet and elegant way to raise awareness.


For ceremonies held for particular causes, a looped ribbon is essential. With this golden trim and teal enamel finish lapel pin, you can't go wrong. The ribbon features a friction back pin clasp, and measures a discreetly visible 0.625 inches by 1.125 inches.


A momentous groundbreaking ceremony can be event more grand if it culminates with the presentation of an award that commemorates the event. The Groundbreaking Shovel Plaque is such an award. Measuring 10 X 8 inches and featuring an elegant walnut wood finish, this plaque comes with a 2 inch hand shake insert and up to 6 lines (1 header followed by 5 lines of the main paragraph) of engraved text on a 3 inch by 4 inch plate.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing (before shipping).

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Groundbreaking Mini Steel Shovels 26 inch long & 6 inch shovel steel blade (at widest point). Available colors for the shovel head: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, and Teal. D-style handle grip with hardwood stem. Optional customization available for direct print or decal with logo and/or text on wooden stem. Children participating in the Groundbreaking Ceremony!

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Elegant 8” hand painted trophy for a groundbreaking construction includes a base that holds a gold engraving plate that can accommodate up to 4 lines of text, and a miniature replica shovel and hard hat leaning against a slab of stone.

The groundbreaking mini shovel display keepsake includes a custom gold 2.5"x0.5" plaque, a cherry wood display box, and a 5.5" mini shovel. An additional 5"x1" gold or silver plaque can be added for an extra charge. The display box is 7"Wx4.5"Lx1.5"H. A digital proof is included with this item. Cherry wood grain finish, with magnetic closure.

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Ceremonial groundbreaking shovel display case, hand made furniture grade Hardwood available in cherry or oak, dimensions: 19" W * 45.5" H * 6.25" D, weight: 25 lbs, holds up to 2 shovels OR one shovel and 1 hard hat - fully customizable. Top opening beveled wood frame holds a clear, hard acrylic cover. 3 golden latches secure the cover. All shovels and hard hat colors available. Includes an 8" x 5.5" gold color engraving plate. Customization is black and gold engraving or full color metal plate. Background is a black felt.

Shovel, hard hat, and plaque NOT included in base price.

Minimal assembly is necessary.

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1 1/8 inch, American Flag Pin with choice of military branch emblem. Options: US Air Force, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, US National Guard, US Navy.


Golden Memories in the Form of Keepsakes and Gifts

Keepsakes and gifts are a great way to remember one of the most significant milestones of a business. When a grand opening ceremony or groundbreaking is taking place, it is a moment that marks a fruitful beginning; hopefully one that will be immortalized through photographs and film, but nothing beats the actual memory of those who were present for the symbolic event. Ceremonial keepsakes and gifts serve to trigger those memories in the attendees long past the special day. With decorations on point, and all the guests that are present to celebrate, the blooming of a new business should be an occasion worthy of commemoration. Grand Opening and Groundbreaking ceremonies are held for that very purpose and it is why they need to be planned with utmost perfection. Nothing crucial should be left out of your checklist; keepsakes and gifts are exactly that. The start of any major project or venture is a big step that is quite rewarding, especially when you take into account all the support coming from the people there with you. Keepsakes are a perfect way to show appreciation for all their support and for taking part in the ceremony. Make sure no one leaves the party empty handed.

Big Gifts Come in Any Size

While the focus of a keepsake is capturing big memories, an event gift as small as a lapel pin can be as effective as any. Lapel pins maintain continuity during and after the event as they can be used in a variety of ways. They can be worn by participants during the ceremony reinforcing the theme of the celebration, then, identical pins can be passed out to attendees witnessing the event as keepsakes to take home. They are small gifts that while appearing to be mere novelty, they symbolize a great event that took place to celebrate a new beginning or a cause. The great thing about them is that they are stylish enough to be used as accessories beyond the day of the event or as decorative trinkets for scrapbooks or shadow box displays.

Ceremonial Symbols

Small keepsakes like these hold great meaning, and due to their simplicity and affordability, they can easily be gifted to large groups of people. As a gift to the event’s participants, lapel pins allow you to show appreciation and recognition for the hard work everyone has put in, while reminding them of the prospects for an even more successful future.

These ceremonial tokens come in a variety of shapes commemorating a wide array of causes and business milestones. Classic looped ribbon pins are an example of keepsakes that have special meanings beyond celebratory nature. They are available in black, green, blue, red, orange, white, pink, and teal; all colors that represent compelling causes in an effort to encourage solidarity and promote awareness of serious illnesses or hardships plaguing our society. Looped ribbon pins are among our most popular keepsakes that match the color of our wide ceremonial satin ribbon; these make an excellent pairing for events of their respective nature.

Our other keepsakes include lapel pins that exclusively create remembrance of business milestones, new building projects, or award ceremonies. These include skeleton keys for “Key to the City” ceremonies, scissors for ribbon cutting ceremonies and grand openings, shovels for groundbreakings, and hammers and saws for construction project kick-off events. Each symbol represents an important ceremonial event. Whether it is a groundbreaking, a grand opening event, or a ceremony shedding light on a cause, we have an array of pins that will surely match the grandness of this day.