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For those moments at your grand opening or groundbreaking which call for a dash of color, you will need these balloons. 11 inch size and bright colors will leave a mark on your guests. The package delivered to you will include a set of 10 balloons in a variety of distinctive colors such as red, blue, orange, and green.


The right item to add a splash of color to your event, these balloons, which can be inflated up to 11 inches, will be just what you need. The set provided to you will include 20 latex balloons available in attractive colors such as red, blue, orange, yellow, and pink.


The perfect item to add some color to your ceremony, these balloons are available in an attractively large size of up to 11 inches when inflated. Your purchase includes a set of 10 balloons, with colors such as red, blue, orange, yellow, and pink.


These 17 inch latex balloons are the perfect accessory to enliven your grand opening ceremony. With included colors such as red, magenta, blue, yellow and orange included in this 10 pack and the words 'grand opening' printed on them, these balloons will ensure your ceremony's vividness.


A balloon whose form matches the grandness of your celebration. These giant red balloons inflate up to 3 feet, thus making them an attractive addition to your grand opening’s décor. They are available in red with white font. Price per each individual piece.


Balloons as Grand Opening Décor

Grand opening balloons add a festive touch of décor to your ribbon cutting ceremony.  In business, a new start is always a cause for celebration, one to be followed by much fanfare.
It could be a new venture, a merger, a new product, or partnership.  Whichever it might be, it calls for a grand opening ceremony, one that is complete with toasts, cheers and of course, the quintessential ceremonial decor.  Grand opening balloons are a minor detail that plays a big role.

As essential as everything else might be, from an aesthetic point of view, balloons liven up your venue in a way that other grand opening products don’t.  It’s easy to assume that all balloons do is add some color to a grand opening, but they can have a more significant impact when properly used.  The inherent colorfulness of our grand opening balloons gives them with the ability to alter the mood and set the tone of your celebration.  They may even go so far as to help accentuate the cause for which the ceremony is being held.  For example, you may use them during ribbon cuttings held for commercial purposes, as in such cases, depending on the nature of the ceremony, the décor can be enhanced accordingly.  If introducing a new product aimed at the youth or characterized by its use of color, the event would benefit tremendously from a strategic placement of colorful balloons on the grand opening stage.  This would emphasize its aforesaid qualities by creating a visual reference in the spectators’ mind that associates the color schemes used in the event with the colors of the product or brand.

The usage of grand opening balloons does not have to be limited to the products or cause that a brand is engaged in; they can help establish the image of an undertaking as well.  When a grand opening is used to introduce the cause or product offered by a brand, it is important that you use decoration that draws attention to the stage.  This will support the speaker while making important announcements about the event as the attention will be inherently drawn to the stage.  The use of colorful balloons—along with other accessories such as banners, streamers and bows—helps to capture the audience’s attention.

This color association tactic can be similarly used to dictate the mood that is called for at the ribbon cutting ceremony.  If the organization is looking for a lively mood, a combination of vibrantly colored balloons will adequately reflect that; whereas if a more somber mood is required—as in the case of charitable causes or special foundations—uniform solid colors on the balloons and the ribbons will usually fare better.  For the most part, the organization will already have a default color to support the tone intended.

Grand opening balloons can be used in a variety of ways.  Their versatility makes them the perfect piece of décor for corporate events and they are probably the most budget friendly accessory.  Balloons may just a source of joy to most people, but their versatility also allows them to help sell a cause.  Grand opening ceremonies benefit greatly from the use of balloons—when combined with the right ceremonial accessories—because they’re not just sources of easy decoration; they’re also means to an end, with the end being to make the best first impression possible.

At, we understand this all too well; that is why we dedicate our business to supplying every material you could possibly need for a grand opening ceremony, balloons included!
Shop with us and take the first step towards making your grand opening ceremony a memorable event!