Black Groundbreaking Ceremonial Hard Hat

Whether at a groundbreaking ceremony or the job site, this hard hat will be a standout with its solid black shell, and replaceable soft brow pad. The shell is made of high density polyethylene and has been kept blank for customization.

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A Standout Hard Hat for a Standout Groundbreaking Ceremony

To celebrate a project that stands out in your industry a groundbreaking ceremony is the most adequate way to honor the hard work and achievements of the major player involved. The first step in that direction must be the judicious use of color and while black is “not a color,” no it allows for a greater contrast than any hue.

By opting for the Black Groundbreaking Ceremonial Hard Hat, not only are you purchasing an accessory that will continue to serve you long after the ceremony, you are also are making a bold statement to signify how sharply your endeavor contrasts to every other project within your field.

Symbolic, as well as functional, the hard hat is the ideal first step to the commencement of your business.

You can permeate the element of contrast throughout your groundbreaking ceremony by choosing appropriate accessories to complement the hard hat. To discover all available options, please visit our ‘Groundbreakings’ section at

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A perfect mirror reflection an a smooth finished wooden stem make this a top choice among ceremonial groundbreaking shovels--truly meant for a VIP. 42 inch height and 9.5 inch blade width, weighing a total of 3.4 lbs. It compact size and light weight make it easy to handle for your VIP's comfort.

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Our stainless steel and American-ash wood groundbreaking shovel is now available in an all-black gloss finish. The all-black shovel is 42” tall and 9.5” wide at the widest part of the blade, and features a traditional ceremonial D- handle.

Please note 5-7 business days processing time for custom orders, processing time starts after proof approval. Please contact for rush inquiries.

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With options of 8 inches or 14 inches, On the Go Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Pull Bows are easy-to-use decorative bows for ribbon cuttings, grand openings, groundbreakings and any other ceremonial event that calls for festive decor. The extremely convenient ingenuity of these bows is what makes them a must-have. The bow comes unassembled in a flat package. The magic happens when you withdraw the flat bow from the package and pull on a string that brings a fluffed up bow together in a matter of seconds. A perfectly shaped bow with minimal effort.

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