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Standard Ceremonial Red Carpet

This eye-catching red carpet does the job at a fraction of the cost. This standard ceremonial red carpet is available in sizes 3’ X 10’, 3' X15', and 3’ X 20’.

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Deep Blue Green  Red Deep Blue Green Purple Pink

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Roll Out the Fancy

There are decorations that can easily make or break an event, and red carpets definitely make an event. In fact, they don’t just make an event, they bring events such as galas, award ceremonies, and pageants to life. Planning a grand opening ceremony is a feat in itself, so a celebration offers appreciation and acknowledgment to everyone involved in its creation.

In its beginnings, red carpet was used on the steps to a throne where rulers or sacred monuments were placed. Even in its start, it was always used to give value to royal subjects. Our ceremonial red carpet is a classic, bold luxury item that manifests royalty to anyone giving it a stroll. Feel like the royalty you are by making sure the red carpet is present at your grand opening ceremony.

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With options of 8 inches or 14 inches, On the Go Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Pull Bows are easy-to-use decorative bows for ribbon cuttings, grand openings, groundbreakings and any other ceremonial event that calls for festive decor. The extremely convenient ingenuity of these bows is what makes them a must-have. The bow comes unassembled in a flat package. The magic happens when you withdraw the flat bow from the package and pull on a string that brings a fluffed up bow together in a matter of seconds. A perfectly shaped bow with minimal effort.

Available options:
8” Pull Bow comes in gold, silver, royal blue, white, green, orange, red, black, turquoise, fuchsia, burgundy, lavender, lime green, brown, navy, light blue, yellow, and purple.
14” Pull Bow comes in Iridescent White and Metallic Red


With words 'Grand Opening' inscribed across the golden blades of our 30 in ceremonial scissors, customization is a simple task. Simply submit your company logo to be placed next to the Grand Opening text to make the event officially yours. With your choice of Red, Royal Blue or Black color handles, these custom scissors will be a beautiful sight in combination with the golden blades and the logo next to the text.

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.


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Draw some extra attention to your ceremonial stage with a bold choice of ribbon. Our Extra Wide Ceremonial Ribbons come in three width sizes: 8", 10", and 12" and two length sizes: 12 yards and 25 yards. Get them in red, white, and blue.


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Get a classic grand opening color. Red ribbon cutting scissors come in either 25 or 30 inches in length.

For Customization, Click Here.

Other Available Colors:

Royal Blue  Maroon  Black  Yellow  teal  pink  Green  orange  White


Other Available Items:

 Ceremonial Ribbon    Grand Opening Kits    Display Cases    Accessories and Decor  


Elegant stanchion for ceremonial events comes with a detachable round base measuring 14 inches in diameter. The post measures 39 inches in height and has a diameter of 2 inches, and also includes a rubber floor protector under the base. The post has an urn top design with a disk that has 4 openings for rope clips. Stanchion ropes are not included, and are sold separately. Sold singly (1) one post.

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