Ceremonial Red Velvet Grand Opening Ribbon

A multipurpose ribbon that can be used in red carpet events, grand openings, or as a festive decoration, this attractive red velvet ribbon is a must have. With a 4 inch width and 25 YDS in length, it takes care of your visibility needs while ensuring you have an adequate amount left over.

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One Festive Red Velvet Ribbon for Many Occasions

Ribbon cutting events are a consistently important part of grand opening ceremonies. With the symbolism attached to them and the enthusiasm that accompanies, it is a must they are a grand affair.

To do their grandeur justice, you need an item as festive as the Ceremonial Red Velvet Grand Opening Ribbon, which turns the event as special as it is supposed to be.

Furthermore, thanks to the ample length and width provided, the ribbon can be used for countless other purposes; a fact only helped by the ribbon's versatile design.

The ribbon is best complemented by the Giant 43 Inch Red Velvet Ceremonial Bow and a pair of quality ornamental scissors, both of which can be purchased from CeremonialSupplies.com.

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The Giant Red Velvet Ceremonial Bow measures 43 inches in diameter. It has a magnet on the back to support its weight. These bow is pre-assembled involving minimum work and it is lined with wire to help keep the perfect shape.