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Ceremonial Scissor Display Case for 10.5 inch Scissors

Turn your ceremonial accessories into instant keepsakes with this display case. Designed to accommodate 10.5 inch scissors and an accompanying picture frame. The display case measures 10 inches in height, 8 inches in width, and 0.75 in depth to ensure adequate space. Add a scissor pin to position a piece of the ribbon used in the ceremony next to the scissors.

May take 2-3 business days for processing. Scissors sold separately.

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Turn Everyday Ceremonial Accessories into Keepsakes!

Special occasions such as a groundbreaking ceremony or a grand opening ceremony call for much fanfare, balloons, decorations, ribbon cutting etc.
Ribbon cuttings are especially important at such events, with them epitomizing an auspicious beginning, and a need is often felt to materialize the aura in the form of a keepsake.
Accessories such as the Ceremonial Scissor Display Case for 10.5 Inch Scissors are the perfect tool for the same.

Designed to incorporate a 10.5 inch scissors and a picture, this display case comes in handy when a memento is needed to either present to an honorary attendee, or simply to commemorate the ceremony.
This display case is all you need to turn your ceremonial decorations into keepsakes for the ages.
For more varieties of display cases in various sizes, browse through the ceremonial accessories section on

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