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Ceremonial Scissors Lapel Pin

Ceremonial scissors pin has a shiny finish with military clutch snap pin back. A perfect memento for grand openings and ribbon cutting ceremonies . Comes in size 1 1/8 x 3/4 inches. Color options include: Gold or Silver.

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A Token for Your Ceremony

One of the main tools used in a ribbon cutting ceremony is a giant pair of scissors. Even though the process of cutting the ribbon seems so simple, the symbolism behind it can mean much more. Remembering the event is one of the main reasons why to hold a ribbon cutting to begin with. It is a special milestone of pride that you will want to hold close to your heart, which is why these ceremonial scissor lapel pins are an excellent accessory choice to proudly represent your grand opening day. Miniature scissor lapel pins are thoughtful souvenirs to give out to all your guests so they can take a small piece of that special celebration.

The pin clutch, located on the back, securely fastens with ease. It comes in two colors, gold and silver. Whichever color you choose, both are surely eye catching conversation starters as the polished finish of these scissor pins glints beautifully in the light. Make sure they are present at your grand opening ceremony, and be remembered even through the smallest of trinkets.

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Turn your ceremonial accessories into instant keepsakes with this display case. Designed to accommodate 10.5 inch scissors and an accompanying picture frame. The display case measures 10 inches in height, 8 inches in width, and 0.75 in depth to ensure adequate space. Add a scissor pin to position a piece of the ribbon used in the ceremony next to the scissors.

May take 2-3 business days for processing. Scissors sold separately.


These regular sized scissors are a great alternative to the usual oversized pair; with their stainless steel golden colored handles, they ensure that you do not lose the ornamental factor. The stainless steel blades and a traditional grip makes sure ribbon-cutting remains a breeze. The blades measure 4.2 inches, with the overall size being 10.5 inches.


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The Ceremonial Golden Blade Ribbon Cutting Scissors feature gold-toned blades made from stainless steel with handle color options of red, blue or black. The total product length is 30 inches.

For Customization, Click Here.


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The ceremonial wooden display case has dimensions of 28 inches in width X 16 inches in height X 4 inch depth (interior depth of 27X15X3.25). It is made from solid wood and consists of an acrylic door with gold hinges and metal brackets for hanging on the back. There are three wood color options which include Cherry Wood and Walnut. This display case includes hardware and materials for hanging scissors. Add a scissor lapel pin to attach to a cut of ribbon used in the ceremony for decoration. The hooks are placed at an angle to accommodate up to a 30 inch scissor. Includes cleaning kit.

Scissors sold separately.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing of customized items.


Elegant black ribbon cutting scissors; get them in 25 inches or 30 inches in length.

For Customization, Click Here.

Other Available Colors:

Red  Royal Blue  Maroon  Yellow  teal  pink  Green  orange  White


Other Available Items:

 Ceremonial Ribbon    Grand Opening Kits    Display Cases    Accessories and Decor