Chicago Style New Year Eve Ribbon Art Decorations

Every historical city has its own unique style evident in their traditions, and Chicago style New Year Eve ribbon art decorations will always have a particular twist to it, improvised and perfected, by the long standing traditions of the windy city. Ribbon puffs will have an extra layer of loops, the ceiling hoop will be adjustable, and so on until the new creation, is a transformation! New Year and all the ribbon art decorations that come with it transform Chicago’s cold chilly temperatures into a feast for the senses!, is the best one-stop shop online for ceremonial products such as groundbreaking shovels, stanchions and crowd posts, velvet ropes, grand opening ribbons, ceremonial scissors, display stands, event carpet, step and repeat and banners, military display cases, flags and flag displays, corporate wearables, awards and trophies and many more products. We can help you create the ribbon art decoration you need this New Year to welcome 2022 Chicago style!

Chicago Green Ribbon Art Decorations for Christmas

Ever heard of “Chicago green?” It’s a slightly deeper green color than Kelly green and it’s perfect for ribbon art decorations in Chicago because the color manifests the vibration of the city, through the color of its nature, green grass and trees. It’s a beautiful way to connect with the exciting and always changing scene of this city, one of the original points of stop on the expansion west by early Americans. Today the expansion of Chicago comes from every cardinal point in the compass, but the grassroots transient energy of the city is still the major force that surrounds everything. Christmas decorations in Chicago have a touch of Chicago green, and green ribbons of different textures and widths are everywhere. The best ribbon for art decoration is ceremonial ribbon, because of its silky and firm texture. Used for grand opening ceremonies, this ribbon remains straight and taut, just attached to crowd posts when arranged for a ribbon cutting. Ceremonial ribbons hold their form, and are silky and soft. has a selection of ceremonial ribbons of varied widths and lengths that are perfect to decorate a corporate function during the Christmas festivities! Our grand opening ribbons are offered in a beautiful selection of colors, and range from decorative ribbons 1.5” inches (an inch and half) x 100 yards, or 2.25” inches x 50 yards long, to silky ceremonial ribbons 4” and 6” wide, to extra-wide ribbons 8”, 10”, and 12” (1 foot) wide x 12, 25, or 50 yards long. This means you can layer the ribbons for a tri-color combination – think of the Christmas red and Chicago green ribbons! Layering a 4” red ribbon, over a 6” Chicago green ribbon, and using a printed 2.25” decorative white ribbon with a customized message, loop and attach this to the center of the red and green, layered ribbon. For a final gleaming touch, attach a gold color (or real gold; who’s complaining?) item like a charm, a decoration, or something similar to create a ribbon art bow, or decoration. This decoration can be a special one for the Christmas tree. Chicago is an awe-inspiring city, with its tall skyscrapers, and beautiful architecture. Bring this spirit of awe into your holiday decorations and personalize your home decoration with self-made ribbon art decoration. It’s easier than you think with

Ribbon Art Ceiling Draping a Chicago Style New Year Eve Ball

New Year Eve Chicago festivities traditions are many. Some people traditionally ring in the New Year with a Mediterranean dinner feast in a private green house on Aba’s heated rooftop patio, or a drive thru the gorgeous illumination display at the Morton Arboretum. Organizing a New Year Eve party with all the bells and whistles can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and, you’ve got it covered! A ribbon art ceiling draping is an elegant and sophisticated way to decorate a ballroom, a tent, or any space you wish. Ceiling ribbon art draping is a way to create the overall color scheme you wish in an inside venue where the existing décor does not permit the desired effect, or, an inside venue that is too sparse, or simply because you love ribbons and the way you can express emotion using color and artful design. Ribbon art first became popular with the use of outdoor tent decorations, and the style was hoop draping. Using a hoop, hung from the center of the tent (or room), extra-wide 8” – 12” ribbons are attached to the hoop and arranged to flow out from the center, with a curved drop and then either attached again for another drop flow or attached to the sides and dropped down. Using ceremonial ribbon is particularly striking because they have a satin sheen that creates a perfect contrast with other ribbon shades, as well as with other materials and fabrics.

Ceremonial ribbons are used for ribbon art because of their firmness, flexibility, and silky brightness. They are used for grand opening ribbons, especially when the ribbon is customized, or personalized with a commemorative message or date. For ceiling draping, using a deep Chicago green 12” extra-wide ceremonial ribbon, and silver, shiny, see-through glittery fabric of the same width, and a forest green velvet 8” swash to accent, you can create a classic, traditional New Year’s room décor that incorporates the color green, associated with prosperity and growth, and silver, the ancient precious metal with innumerable properties. The energy of these combined colors to welcome the New Year at the stroke of midnight is as desired a blessing as any. Chicago is modern and trendy, one of the world’s busiest airports and most cosmopolitan city. Its roots and traditions are rooted in the spirit of American pioneers, laborers and investors, speculators, the poor, the adventurers, everyone at all. It can be said Chicago has endured the test of time and is today a great, important center of life. Ceremonial ribbons in Chicago green color and the traditional silver for ceiling art draping, with either hoops, or bars, is a spectacular and meaningful way to step into the New Year. Shop selection of ceremonial ribbons from 1.5” wide and 2.5” wide to 4”, 6”, wide ribbon and 8”, 10”, 12” (1 foot) extra-wide ribbon in a variety of yardage from 10 – 50 yards. You will love our selection of ceremonial ribbons, our friendly prices, great customer service attention, and our prompt and efficient shipping wherever you are in Chicago or anywhere else! Click here for a shipping quote.