Construction Keepsakes Perfect for Groundbreaking Events

Every good business deserves a good groundbreaking event after a successful new construction project has been completed. Groundbreaking ceremonies are sepped in history and tradition, and construction keepsakes perfect for groundbreaking events are exactly what you need for the final touch! After months, sometimes years, of grueling work and dedication, it is finally time kick off with a groundbreaking celebration; hopefully you have your event stocked with supplies from, the best one-stop online shop on the net for all your groundbreaking and grand opening products. With all of the hard work that goes into a construction project, it is great to have some type of groundbreaking keepsake to remember the work that went into it.

Luckily, here at, there are two products that are absolutely perfect for this exact scenario! The first of which is the groundbreaking shovel plaque. This is a great groundbreaking keepsake for a few different reasons.

mini shovel plaque

The groundbreaking shovel plaque is one of our most popular construction keepsakes, and is designed with a groundbreaking mini-shovel to make a perfect gift for those who had a hand in your project! The plaque is fully customizable with six (6) – lines of custom text that you can use to print a commemorative date, or write a custom message for the recipient you wish to honor. The plaque design makes it the perfect groundbreaking keepsake that is easy to display where they can always remember it!

Of course, the groundbreaking shovel plaque can be more than just a gift! It is also a beautiful construction keepsake to display right in your newly inaugurated building project! Whether in the conference room or the visitor’s lobby, the groundbreaking shovel plaque makes the perfect construction keepsake to display in your newly opened business! In almost every business, you can see the proud displays of commemorative plaques and awards on the walls that just give the place a feeling of life. Keepsakes are one of the few ways you can ensure the hard work that led to your business opening is not forgotten! It is not easy completing these construction projects and customers and clients will appreciate the construction keepsakes you have displayed!

The mini shovel groundbreaking keepsake is the perfect acknowledgement of the long journey that lead to your grand opening and is a meaningful reminder of those who helped along the way. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful and elegant mini shovel groundbreaking plaque; and with the varied options available, you’ll be sure to have a keepsake to fit exactly what you are looking for.

groundbreaking commemorative keepsake

The second item we offer at is the groundbreaking commemorative keepsake! This construction keepsake is a bit different from the plaque as it displays a mini-shovel groundbreaking in the style of a trophy or desk award! This product is perfect for a few different reasons. Typically, when a company completes a large construction project, awards are presented to the key team members to highlight their accomplishments. The groundbreaking commemorative keepsake is the perfect award to give to the employees who went above and beyond. While of course, this construction keepsake is great as is, it can get even better! This product has the option to include a custom design plate with your company’s logo as well as customizable text to use for various awards!

Having a wonderful night of award presentations is the perfect morale boost for any company! Custom groundbreaking commemorative keepsake as well as the venue decorated in supplies from will result in a wonderful, fun filled evening done in style!

Construction awards are, of course, not the only use for the groundbreaking commemorative keepsake. Much like the groundbreaking shovel plaque, it is the perfect construction keepsake to remember your grand opening. Perfect for display cases or office décor, this keepsake will provide a small slice of nostalgia for your new business!

Starting and completing brand new construction projects from the ground up requires a lot of time, work, and dedication, so recognition of the team members as you celebrate the end of a long journey is the perfect end to this first and important chapter of your new business. Here at we have you covered every step of the way. Whether you are looking for supplies for a grand opening or ribbon-cutting event, or looking to celebrate the end of a new construction, look no further and shop our website!

Both, the groundbreaking commemorative keepsake and the groundbreaking shovel plaque are fantastic options to commemorate the grand opening after a construction project, but it doesn’t stop there. has a vast selection of different construction keepsakes that are perfect for what you are looking for. While you can’t go wrong with either of these two, head over to right now, and find the perfect groundbreaking keepsake that works for you! Click here for a shipping quote.