Groundbreaking Commemorative Keepsake

Elegant 8” hand painted trophy for a groundbreaking construction includes a base that holds a gold engraving plate that can accommodate up to 4 lines of text, and a miniature replica shovel and hard hat leaning against a slab of stone.
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A classy and elegant Groundbreaking Construction Trophy is the perfect presentation for those important VIPs who take place in a first sod-cutting ceremony. Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done and this Groundbreaking Construction Trophy will acknowledge the valuable contribution of the people who made it possible! The Groundbreaking Construction Trophy is 8” tall and includes a base that features a gold plate for customization of up to 4 lines of text, along with a miniature replica groundbreaking shovel and hard hat in front of a tall slab of concrete. This trophy provides a lasting memento of the event and can be customized with the person’s name, the construction project and the date. It is the symbol of an accomplishment they can proudly set it on their desk, a shelf or mantelpiece in their office or home. Getting a construction project off the ground is a team effort and showing appreciation to those key individuals during the groundbreaking ceremony is a great way to encourage a strong team as well as recognize important individuals and local officials who take part in the ceremony. Make your groundbreaking a memorable event that will be long remembered through this classy Groundbreaking Construction Trophy.

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With the versatility provided by its classic design and high density polyethylene build, this orange ceremonial hard hat is a perfect fit for your groundbreaking’s needs. The adjustable pinlock suspension and replaceable soft brow pads make it ready for industrial use, while the blank orange shell serves as a canvas for marketing opportunities most useful at project kick-off events.

Meets ANSI Z89.1 Standards
Type I, Class C, G, and E

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Our VIP Ceremonial Groundbreaking Mirror Gold Shovel is the perfect token of recognition for your ceremony's most honorable participants. Impress them with this gold shovel, measuring 42" in length with a 9 1/2 inch blade. It weighs a total of 3.4 lbs, making it easy to handle during the commemorative groundbreaking event.

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Deluxe Gold Shovel In Stock

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With the combination of its impressive 41.25 inch height, 9.5 inch blade width and a light 3.4 pound weight made to be wielded via a D-grip, this shovel is both utilitarian as well as striking. The polished wood handle and polished chrome finish shovel blade are simply the icing on the cake.

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Orange Ceremonial Groundbreaking Shovel is 42" high with a 9.5" wide steel shovel blade (head). Handle is painted metal, D-style with American ash wood grip and stem. Shovel head can be customized with vinyl, exceptions apply based on logo complexity, please contact us if you are unsure if your logo is eligible. Shovel stem and grip can be customized with direct print and vinyl decals, and the shovel stem can also be customized with a mounted plate.

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A perfect mirror reflection an a smooth finished wooden stem make this a top choice among ceremonial groundbreaking shovels--truly meant for a VIP. 42 inch height and 9.5 inch blade width, weighing a total of 3.4 lbs. It compact size and light weight make it easy to handle for your VIP's comfort.

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